Rehan in the Big Apple

I recently had the opportunity to accompany Rehan on a recent media blitz in New York.  During his week long trip, Rehan met with top rated consumer magazines, newspapers and broadcast media to personally introduce Flora2000 to North America.

The experience was extremely rewarding.  Like myself, the reporters he met with were unaware of the differences in floral companies, the florals offered and what makes Flora2000 so unique.  Among the most interesting points was the fact that Flora2000 can deliver premium floral arrangements to over 150 countries worldwide same or next day.

He was able to share some of his personal “tips” on how to make floral arrangements last longer (see article posted), as well as his own recommendations for the rights florals for special occasions.

About Allan Fliss

I am Allan Fliss, a partner in the marketing communications firm of Richartz Fliss Clark & Pope (RFC&P). Recently, we have been asked to represent Flora2000 within the US. Since taking on the assingment, I have forgotten everything I thought I knew about flowers and been reeducated!
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