Jocks have feelings too…Send Flowers to Grieving Pats Fans

Hearts all over New England broke on Sunday when Patriots QB Tom Brady hobbled off the field with a season-ending knee injury.

Many of these devout (and now suicidal) Patriots fans now cling to the hope that career backup Matt Cassel will become their new man crush.

To console the millions of other Patriots fans around the country during their time of need, Flora2000 recommends sending your favorite New Englander the following flowers to convey your sympathies.

To express your condolences we recommend you send them the below flowers. These might not only help our grieving friends but also put their energy to good use.

Or you would also do well to pass along a chocolate gift basket as chocolate has long been known to trigger the release of endorphins, which serve as a pain reliever.

About Allan Fliss

I am Allan Fliss, a partner in the marketing communications firm of Richartz Fliss Clark & Pope (RFC&P). Recently, we have been asked to represent Flora2000 within the US. Since taking on the assingment, I have forgotten everything I thought I knew about flowers and been reeducated!
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One Response to Jocks have feelings too…Send Flowers to Grieving Pats Fans

  1. Briana Adams says:

    The flowers and chocolates are effective reliever especially when i was stress :)

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