An all new Flora2000 – Coming Soon

I’m taking this opportunity to first thank each and every one of you for your continued support to Flora2000.  We have made great strides over the past decade and we look forward to continuing to provide you with the finest floral arrangements and customer service available.

To ensure we continue meeting your needs with an unparalleled customer experience, we are undertaking a complete web site makeover of  Once complete, the site will not only have a new look and feel, but also will be easier to navigate, feature new products and highlight the new Flora2000 blog. The blog will provide floral recommendations, advice and tips on choosing the right arrangement or bouquet for any occasion as well as feature insights from some of our master florists located around the world.

Let me share with you all, the thought behind the new look of our site.

We first started to understand as to which icons would represent our brand and would give a meaning to what we do. Hence we came up with the below icon development chart.

The first row in the icon development represents various types of deliveries and gifts. The second row has different kinds of flowers and the third has monuments from different parts of the world. All the above put together deliver our statement – “Same day delivery to more than 150 countries worldwide with over 3000 different floral arrangement to choose from.”

Once we finalized with the above icons we had to decide which color and the elements would compliment our brand logo and would match up to our premium standards. Below is the color development phase.

We chose shades of purple, pale orange and gray color to compliment our brand logo as they not only gel well together but also have a peculiar premium feel attached to them.

These designs (which are images), are not fully fine tuned but we hope they give you a brief idea about the thought behind the scenes.

Thanks again for your support. We enjoy delivering your flowers…

Rehan Yar Khan
Founder – Flora2000

About Allan Fliss

I am Allan Fliss, a partner in the marketing communications firm of Richartz Fliss Clark & Pope (RFC&P). Recently, we have been asked to represent Flora2000 within the US. Since taking on the assingment, I have forgotten everything I thought I knew about flowers and been reeducated!
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7 Responses to An all new Flora2000 – Coming Soon

  1. Maria Antonietta Pellicciari says:

    This site is amazing. Not only did it take care of a godmother and a mother-in-law on the opposite sides of the earth from each other and from where I live (in Los Angeles, with deliveries to Peru and Italy) but today I just realized that my card had failed at 4 am in the morning. So I got on the live chat with “Brian” with whom we ironed out the payment wrinkles and still assured me same-day delivery to Italy today although they are 8 hours ahead of me. If they pull this off, they are doubly amazing!
    Great site for flowers. Couldn’t be happier, and my husband and I tried many others in the past. This is just a very comprehensive and “techie” one. Keep up the great idea!

  2. Donald Coe says:

    Your floral website is fantastic, but I would like to see more alive and living plants offered, such as Bonjai’s

  3. I truly love the logo. Being an agent associated with YTB I and my clients love your flowers. Now you are changing your LOGO, that is fantastic! Congrats on a new design.

  4. Rhonald says:

    How about some options to create more unstructured arrangments…like with mosses, vines…and more unusual flowers…

  5. len says:

    have sent flowers thru you`s and always on time thanks for a great job
    well done to all the wife loves them

  6. JAN YEARWOOD says:

    The new proposed Site looks great, I hope the final presentation will be a hit with the world. Looking forward to seeing the new Arrangements.

    Jan Yearwood – Barbados

  7. Harry S Rabkin says:

    You guys are fantastic. Absolutely no complaints. Any errors or problems are looked after immediately! Keep up the fantastic work.
    Thanks for your efforts.

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