Avoiding Artificial: Create Natural Beauty with these Home Decorating Tips!

Putting your home in a seasonally festive mood doesn’t have to include a trip to your discount store for plastic novelties and overpriced knick-knacks. Take a look around the natural outdoors to get inspiring ideas for authentic styles and eye-pleasing arrangements to bring indoors. These four projects are simple, suitable, and surprisingly affordable.

Cornucopia – What dining table wouldn’t look inviting with the traditional look of a harvest bounty? The “horn of plenty” basket can be purchased at most hobby shops and over-filled with small pumpkins, squash, and decorative ears of corn, leaves, fruits, and berries (Tip: To reduce the amount of items you will need, try stuffing the bottom end of the basket with “filler” such as straw, dried leaves, excelsior or raffia). Tuck a few autumn-colored fresh flowers into the arrangement for some brilliance (Sunflowers, red or orange Gerbera Daisies, or a few peach roses can compliment the look).

Wreaths – The circular symbols for “welcome” can be placed both indoors and outdoors for a guest-friendly look. Wreaths can be made from flowers, leaves, evergreen, and fresh berries. Dried and preserved presentations can be used year-after-year, while fresh arrangements can last through the holiday of your choosing. Hang them on a wall, a door, or lay them flat to surround a candle display!

Vases – Still in season, flowers in a vase can be easily moved from room to room, giving you a chance to brighten an area at a moment’s notice! For a clean look, keep it simple by using one kind and color of flower. To show your colorful side, group together complimentary colors with an arrangement full of vibrant textures and a variety of florals. Choose a plain vase to decorate, or consider a painted vase with a fall theme or adorned with bows or buttons.

Garlands – Fireplace mantels, long decorative tables, and entryways are just screaming to be decorated, too! Consider a garland made of natural flowers to give a special touch to these flat surfaces. Garlands may be hung and allowed to “fall down” slightly for a draped look, or placed directly along ledges for a no-nail option.

The autumn season is a long one, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Usher in the warmth of family gatherings and a spirit of thanks with a natural flower arrangement that stirs your soul and brightens your home. Endless options and a brilliant palette make it easy for even the most timid decorator to master!

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