Making Halloween Spook-Tacular with a Touch of Ivy

Ladies, not sure what to be for Halloween? We have a natural solution that’s sure to turn heads and make yours one of the most memorable costumes of the night.

Uma Thurman brought mad botanist, turned evil temptress “Poison Ivy” to life in Batman & Robin and now it’s your turn to bring her back for one more sultry night of dangerous science this Halloween!

What you’ll need:

- Green plants for accessorizing (try using English Ivy)

- Green Catsuit or dress

- Red wig

- Green face-paint

And what would a mad botanist be without her lair? Creating your garden of evil is simple. With a little mood lighting and the right foliage you’ll have your guests putting Batman on speed-dial.

Focus on green plants and richly colored flowers. A few strategically placed floral arrangements are key. Try the Nature’s Touch or Peace Lily arrangements – both are great pieces for the entrance to your garden of doom. For an exotic touch, try the Green Day or In The Tropics orchid arrangements, adding color and character to the room.

Batman fanatics and “Poison Ivy” enthusiasts: we want to hear your tips for creating the perfect Poison Ivy costume, so post your comments and links of your costume photos below! Here’s to a spook-tacular Halloween!

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