The Legend of the German Christmas Nest

Christmas Nest

According to an old German legend, if you find a bird’s nest in your Christmas tree you and your family will experience health, wealth and happiness in the coming year. Hmmm… This sounds like something we could all use! One problem: I can’t find a tree with a nest. It’s time to head to the florist and think like a bird. A cute little florist-made nest filled with fresh flowers, shiny glass balls and Faux Eggs is the perfect addition to your tree. Don’t stop there! A Christmas nest is a wonderful early Christmas gift. Gather several and share the Christmas legend with friends and neighbors. We all need health, wealth and happiness in 2009.

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  1. Mike says:

    This is a beautiful gift. My wife and I visited the German Christmas Markets last year. I found that if you really look you can find some hidden gems. The Cologne Christmas market is beautiful and definately recommended.

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