Christmas Tree Orchids


The tree is decorated and the sparkling lights are hung. Holiday baking fills the house with scrumptious aromas and visits from friends and family have begun. It’s time to add the special touch of fresh flowers throughout the house. Of course, you don’t want to forget the Christmas tree. Yes, flowers for the Christmas tree are a wonderful fresh touch for your holiday decor.

Cymbidium orchids are my favorite tree-decorating blossom. Native to the Chinese Himalayas, these temperate-climate orchids are very long lasting – often up to 2 weeks and sometimes an amazing 3 weeks or more. Wow! Available in Christmas white, mint green, mocha, pink and ruby, a single spike of cymbidium orchids will provide you with 7-12 blooms. The bigger your tree, the more spikes you will need. As a general rule, measure the height of your tree and plan for a minimum of 3 blooms per foot. I started with 25 blooms on my 7 foot tree but could not stop there. I added 25 more for a full and luxurious explosion of blooms.

To add fresh flowers to your Christmas tree you will need water tubes available from your local florist. Fill each tube with water, replace the cap and tuck the flower in the tiny hole. Nestle each bloom into the branches, step back and enjoy. What a fun and easy way to add a fresh touch to your Christmas decorating!

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  1. Mary Ann says:

    It never really ceases to amaze me how orchids have so many varieties that fit every season. Because taking care of orchids has never been so easy, they can be available to everyone almost any season. I hope that this Christmas people will incorporate them on their decorations. I’ve bookmarked this blog post to help spread this idea. For questions about orchids, here are some orchid care FAQs.

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