English Kissing Ball

English Kissing ball

The holiday season provides so many opportunities to entertain friends and family. It is a glorious time of year to snuggle inside where it’s cozy and warm. I love all the preparations: decorating the tree, baking cookies and filling the house with festive flowers. For a magical touch, I hang a kissing ball from the chandelier.

Made of evergreens, holly or roses, the kissing ball originated in 18th century England and predates the Christmas tree. Decorated with ribbons and sprigs of mistletoe, they easily suspend from a chandelier or in a doorway. As the name implies, anyone found standing under the ball has to “pay the price” and receive a kiss. Tradition states that if a single young woman received a kiss on the cheek under the kissing ball, marriage would soon follow.

Single or married, the kissing ball will make every kiss extra special. Hmmm…it might be a nice idea to hang one from the chandelier, in the doorway, over the bed and above the kitchen sink. One can never have too many kisses!

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