Flower Therapy

Flower Therapy
Welcome to the winter blues. January often arrives with an after-holiday gift of lethargy and melancholy. With the tree down, the house looks bare. The thank you cards are all sent and there are no plans for the friendly get-togethers so common in the month of December. The kids are back in school and here you sit asking yourself “what next?” Careful now or you will descend even further into the dreaded “winter blues”. Did you know? The winter time blues traditionally peak on January 24th, and continue on into mid to late February. Oh, my goodness! That is far too long to be down in the dumps. It’s time for “Flower Therapy”.

As if you ever needed an excuse to buy flowers, Researchers at Harvard Medical School and Rutgers University are now discovering what “Flower Lovers” have known forever – beautiful fresh flowers really make you feel better. It’s true; scientists have determined that the presence of fresh flowers in your home will improve your mood and energy level. Flowers chase away anxieties and worries as well as provide a boost of energy, happiness and enthusiasm. No worries – get happy – let’s get started! It’s time to fill the house with flowers and beat those winter blues.

The market is filled with beautiful and colorful spring flowers. Fabulous tulips, vivid daffodils, fragrant paper whites, forsythia and pussy willow are among the favorites. Mix and match; tulips and daffodils for color, forsythia, pussy willow or other blooming branches for dramatic height and paper whites or hyacinth for fragrance. Don’t save the flowers for a special occasion. Grab a few now and brighten your home. Doctors orders!

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