January and Carnations

January's Carnation
Are you overwhelmed with all the flower choices today? Need help choosing the perfect flower for the birthday gift? Look no further than the flower of the month list. Yes, in addition to a birth stone for each month, there is a birth flower.

January – Carnation

February – Violet

March – Jonquil

April – Sweet Pea

May – Lily of the Valley

June – Rose

July – Larkspur

August – Gladiolus

September – Aster

October – Marigold

November – Chrysanthemum

December – Narcissus

January, the first month of the year is represented by the Beautiful Carnation. Abundantly available in a myriad of colors, these flowers are amazingly long lasting.

The Carnation first came to Europe with the French crusaders and has been considered a French flower ever since. When the Carnation became widely available, it was snubbed by the upper-classes in England as a worker’s flower.

Today, the Carnation is experiencing resurgence in popularity. The long lasting bloom is a great value, many varieties have a heady fragrance (my favorite smells like cloves) and the color choices are amazing. Have you seen the moon shades, mint green, and mocha? You’re going to love today’s Carnations!

Of course, there is variation on the flower of the month theme. In Ireland the January birth flower is the snowdrop, in China it is the plum blossom and in Japan it is pine. In Australia, for which January is the second month of summer, the birth flower is the Hibiscus. Oh, my! It can get complicated.

Check back each month to learn more about birth flowers.

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2 Responses to January and Carnations

  1. Tara says:

    I’m so happy to see carnations getting a bit of respect in recent years. I’ve always loved them, but have always been VASTLY in the minority on that one! And I think they’re some of the best smelling flowers out there — love the slightly spicy smell.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I love this post thanks I am always confused!

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