A Rose is a Rose?

Rose is a Rose

Here is a little inside secret for all of my male readers. We all know that the best way to tell a special girl that you love her is with a Gift of Roses, however not all roses are the same. Today’s popular roses lack the fragrance that makes roses and romance so special. Yes, there is scientific evidence that the fragrance of a rose stimulates romantic interest. Ask your florist for one of the “Old English Garden Rose” varieties now available to floral designers. Yes, they are more expensive and will have to be special ordered. But then, can you place a price on love?

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4 Responses to A Rose is a Rose?

  1. i came here to earn extra entries for Thrifty Jinxy giveaway, but i didn’t expect to learn something! great post!

    i’ve always liked roses for its beauty and its subtle fragrance that i thought was generic to all roses. i better remember that – Old English Garden Rose!

  2. ..sorry the giveaway was in Feel Like Home!

  3. grace says:

    i love roses so i hope men can give me those kind of roses i like it soo much

  4. raja says:

    HI Honey I love you

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