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Are you still counting down the days till the next big occasion arrives? Well, you had better plan a recount because something special could be in store for you, sooner than you think.

We are giving you a chance to create your own special occasion and send an extravagant bouquet to anyone in the world, ABSOLUTELY FREE. That’s right, an occasion just for you.

Simply post a short write up related to an interesting flower fact, something you think is out of this world, in the comment section, or even post a photo to have a better chance of swinging things in your favor. Then cross your fingers and pray your entry is one of the most unique ones we receive.
You could send your images to us at –

The two most interesting posts get a purchase from us ABSOLUTELY FREE.

If that wasn’t enough, every person who enters gets a 10% discount on their next purchase from us. So you win no matter what.

Entries will be accepted till the 15th of March 2009, so stop reading already and start typing before this opportunity fades.

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  1. John Larsen says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, we are currently in the process of landing at the Suvanabhumi airport Bangkok, please make sure all electronic… it hurts a bit in the ear, outside the windows I follow the trails of the main roads in Bangkok metropolis, as the 747 finally, after almost 11 hours reaches my goal…

    2 years before, I was chatting with a woman on the internet – nerds talk, and she revealed what international company she was working at, I decided to send her some flowers, just for fun…

    But who do You contact, if You want to send flowers around the world – I tried different companies – but either didn’t they deliver to Bangkok, or they were closed for bussiness (I am a very spontanious man – from decision to acting it a very short time) – but I stumbled upon flora2000 – and though a bit sceptic about ordering through the internet, without knowing the company, for a woman I never had met – never even talked to – I ordered a bouquet – and few hours later i got the response, by mail…

    Did YOU order and send flowers to me, in my office ??? :D Yeah I did…

    Big surprice – all collegues were very interested – who is this secret admirer… they didn’t get an answer, and bouquet upon buquet has been following the first one…

    2 weeks ago, most of the collegues got the answer, for the question – who is he, the guy that send flowers all the time… because 2 weeks ago, they were invited to our wedding…

    No – I am sure that flora2000 is not the reason that we got married, but I feel sure that it didn’t harm the process, so let me here say – thank You flora2000 – for prompt and correct delivery – every time…


  2. Lyle Valera Rufino says:

    Hi to Flora! its a great opportunity for me about this WIN Flower contest because i want to share to all the bloggers here about my feelings when one day i received a flower delivery from Flora2000.

    It was my birthday last March 7, and i just finished treating my office buddies for lunch. It was a moment of fun and laughter physically with them. I am single at 33, working. After the chitchats and laughter, the small party had ended and friends want to go home after eating heavily and of course, i am to head home too, alone.

    While on my way home, i feel too empty and sad, i dont understand, maybe because i am single. As i was approaching the main door of the apartment i am renting with head down, the receptionist has a very big smile on her face and greeted me,and told me that there is something delivered for me. I was confused what she is talking about and i dont have any clue too.

    I look around, i saw a big flower vase full of big flowers that i do not know what kind, which i thought was just part of the display in the reception, but she told me, it was mine and it was delivered earlier!

    I was silent for a moment of disbelief and confusion who sent that to me, but whoever sent that to me, at the back of my mind, he /she made me very very happy, a feeling that i couldnt explain, its just that i felt like i am a teenager again.

    I saw the little note on it and i know where it come from! Oh, it comes from my cyberbf! I was never expecting to recieve something as i am not used to recieved gifts eversince.But those flowers from flora had really made me feel different, it really made my day, my birthday and the moment turned to be the most memorable day of my life.

    Of all the gifts that a woman would really want to recieved is a flower even if its only one stem. We do not need expensive gifts but the power of these flowers is really great that it makes the woman’s heart melt. Oftentimes, the flowers is the way to the woman’s heart. It is not diamond or other expensive gifts that means love and sweetness, but the spirit of the flowers does more feelings to a woman.

    Try giving a woman a bouquet of red roses and at the very least, you’ll see her crack a grin, even if she’s not the type to gush over the beauty of flowers. Each woman has her own unique personality and there is no universal reason as to why flowers evoke such positive reactions from them. It can be said that it is not so much the flowers themselves but the meaning and thought behind it that makes women giggle like high school teenagers.

    Imagine this scene in your mind: you’re in your office doing regular boring chores when out of the nowhere, a friend that you haven’t seen or heard from in a while has a bouquet of one dozen roses delivered to you. In almost all certainty, this is going to make a positive difference in your day. Everything that seemed so important five minutes ago no longer seems so, at least for a few ecstatic moments. Why? Because someone you respect took the time and the effort to let you know that he or she is thinking of you, even if you no longer spend as much time together as you used to. In one flower delivery, so much was said about your friendship and enduring love for each other even of no words where exchanged. This is a magical feeling that very few gifs can evoke.

    It’s the meaning of flowers that draws positive responses from people. Every single color and type of flower comes with its own traditional meaning and sentiment – symbolisms that have been developed through time. In fact, roses in particular have their own language. Traditionally speaking, a rosebud means young love or youth, whereas a mature rose symbolizes lasting love or gratitude. White roses can mean that you view the recipient as innocent-and childlike, where a pink rose shows that you are happy and content. We all know that red roses signify true love, but a red rose bud symbolizes a deeper, purer, more passionate love. Many people combine red roses with white roses to give the message of unbreakable unity. These meanings are not often talked about or memorized but for some reason, people understand them perfectly.

    To a lot of women, it does not really matter what each color means or what bloom stage a flower stands for. Most of the time people don’t know about the traditional meaning of flowers. Despite this, a lot of women have felt giddy with happiness whenever they receive flowers from their boyfriends, especially if comes delivered as a surprise. It doesn’t matter if one receives a red rose bud or a pink rose in full bloom. The fact that someone took the trouble to send roses as a reminder of his love and affection is enough to keep ladies smiling like a love-struck teenager for the rest of the day.

    I hope that i had share a wonderful message to all of you. Well, i am hoping to win in this contest also as i want to send flowers to the one who sent me flowers too. This is for you Darryl Banks, my way of saying, I am so blessed to have you in my life and i hope that this will be a start of a good relationship, like a flower that will bloom and colorful, sweet relationship.

    Baby, u have touched and melted my heart.. and because of Flora flowers i love you more and more each day of my life! Cheers for us and Flora

  3. D Parker says:

    Beauty in bloom

  4. Bob Tom says:

    Did you know that brocolli, cauliflower and artichokes are edible flowers?

  5. The world’s smelliest, and largest, flower is the Titan arum or “corpse flower” (in latin called Amorphophallus titanum) which has a bloom measuring a metre or more in diameter and, as the name suggests, gives off an ‘aroma’ like rotting meat which can be smelled up to half a mile away !

    The titan arum or Amorphophallus titanum (from Ancient Greek amorphos, “without form, misshapen” + phallos, “penis”, and titan, “giant”) is a flowering plant with the largest unbranched inflorescence in the world. The largest single flower is borne by the Rafflesia arnoldii; the largest branched inflorescence in the plant kingdom belongs to the Talipot palm (Corypha umbraculifera). The titan arum was originally discovered by an Italian botanist, Odoardo Beccari, in Sumatra in 1878. It thrives at the edges of rainforests near open grasslands. Though found in many botanic gardens around the world it is still indigenous only to the tropical forests of Sumatra. Due to its fragrance, which is reminiscent of the smell of a decomposing mammal,[1] the titan arum is also known as a carrion flower, the “Corpse flower”, or “Corpse plant” (in Indonesian, “bunga bangkai” – bunga means flower, while bangkai means corpse or cadaver; for the same reason, the same title is also attributed to Rafflesia which, like the titan arum, also grows in the rainforests of Sumatra).

    The popular name titan arum was invented by the broadcaster and naturalist Sir David Attenborough, for his BBC TV series The Private Life of Plants, in which the flowering and pollination of the plant were filmed for the first time. Attenborough felt that constantly referring to the plant as Amorphophallus on a popular TV documentary would be inappropriate

  6. saumil shah says:

    Flowers are emotions of heart it reflect the person.

  7. P.G. Samulenas says:

    According to Biblical stories, there was a white rose that grew in the Garden of Eden and turned red as it blushed upon Adam and Eve’s fall from grace.

  8. P.G. Samulenas says:

    According some mythological tales, if a maiden had more than one lover, she should take write the names of her love on the leaves of roses then cast them into the wind. The leaf that falls to the ground first bears the name of the lover whom she will eventually marry.

  9. P.G. Samulenas says:

    Cleopatra once received her beloved Marc Antony in a room knee-deep in rose petals.

  10. P.G. Samulenas says:

    Bulgaria is the primary source of rose oils in Europe [a fact that would make my friend Denitsa very proud].

  11. P.G. Samulenas says:

    A thornless rose signifies love at first sight.

  12. P.G. Samulenas says:

    It’s said that throwing rose leaves into a burning flame will bring you good luck.

  13. P.G. Samulenas says:

    The white rose is linked to the Virgin Mary, and thus, was used as a medieval symbol of virginity.

  14. P.G. Samulenas says:

    People have been passionate about flowers since the beginning of time. In fact, it is said that the wise and knowing Confucius had a 600 book library specifically on how to care for roses.

  15. P.G. Samulenas says:

    In his writings, Shakespeare refers to roses more than 50 times!

  16. P.G. Samulenas says:

    The age the world’s oldest living rose bush is thought to be about 1,000 years. Today it continues to flourish on the wall of The Hildesheim Cathedral, in Germany.

  17. P.G. Samulenas says:

    The reason that white roses are so special may be rooted in mythology. Perhaps it started with the Romans, who believed white roses grew where the tears of Venus fell as she mourned the loss of her beloved Adonis.

  18. P.G. Samulenas says:

    Mythology maintains that Venus’ son Cupid accidentally let loose an arrow into her rose garden when a bee stung him, and it was the “sting” of the arrows that caused the roses to grow thorns. Shortly thereafter, when Venus walked through the garden and pricked her foot on a thorn, it was the droplets of her blood which turned the roses red.

  19. P.G. Samulenas says:

    It is alleged that during the Roman empire, there was an incredibly beautiful maiden named Rhodanthe. Her beauty drew many zealous suitors who chased after her relentlessly. Exhausted by their pursuit, Rhodanthe was forced to take refuge from her suitors in the temple of Diana. Unfortunately, Diana became jealous. And when the suitors broke down her temple gates to get near their beloved Rhodanthe she also became angry, turning Rhodanthe into a rose and her suitors into thorns.

  20. P.G. Samulenas says:

    The rose remains relevant and emblematic in our time. In fact, it is the official National Floral Emblem of the United States.

  21. P.G. Samulenas says:

    Leave it to the romantic French to be the original florists to the new world, by being the first to deliver roses. It was in the seventeenth century that French explorer Samuel de Champlain who brought the cultivated rose to North America.

  22. P.G. Samulenas says:

    Roses are truly ageless. Recently, archaeologists discovered the fossilized remains of wild roses over 40 million years old!

  23. P.G. Samulenas says:

    Tulips are native to Persia and have been cultivated since 1000 AD.

  24. P.G. Samulenas says:

    The ancient Turks used to brew a love potion from tulips and many cultures consider tulips to be the symbol of perfect love.

    …and this fact is why, for Valentine’s day, I sent a profusion of tulips across the miles and over the sea – using Flora 2000, of course :) – to the one I love, in Holland.

  25. P.G. Samulenas says:

    Tulips were one of the most sought after luxury items of the 17th Century. At that time, Tulip bulbs were a type of currency unto themselves, with their value fluctuating wildly every day. This speculation in the tulip caused a major market crisis in 1637 bankrupting a very large number of traders.

  26. P.G. Samulenas says:

    The highest price ever paid for a tulip was in Turkey. The Turks were the original Tulip lovers and it was from them the Dutch acquired their first bulbs in the late 1500s. By the early 1700s, though, it was the Turks who were importing bulbs from Holland. Sultan Ahmed III was the first to do so, and it proved to be a fatal attraction. The Sultan was brought to trial, where the charges against him included, “having spent too much money on the traditional annual tulip festivals”. The result of the trial was his beheading.

  27. P.G. Samulenas says:

    The French were obsessed with tulips at the time of Louis XIV. It was all the rage for fashionable women to tuck tulips into their underwear! The more expensive the tulip was, the more desirable was the woman who possesed it.

  28. P.G. Samulenas says:

    Largely associated with The Netherlands, Holland produces over 3 billion tulip bulbs every year.

  29. P.G. Samulenas says:

    Tulips are the only flower that can continue to grow in a vase after being cut.

  30. P.G. Samulenas says:

    A Chinese wisteria planted in 1894 in Sierra Madre, California now weighs more than 250 tons, is more than one acre in size, is considered one of the seven horticultural wonders of the world, and is named in “The Guinness Book of World Records” as the largest blossoming plant in the world.

    Although I doubt it is practical for commercial florists, I love using wisteria as fill in flower arrangements from my garden in the Spring – I’m sending you a picture, “to increase my chances.” ;)

  31. Anonymous says:

    Whoa! This blog looks exactly like my old one!
    It’s on a entirely different subject but it has pretty much the same page layout
    and design. Excellent choice of colors!

  32. Anonymous says:

    Great post.

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