Perky Primroses

Perky Primroses
Brighten your day instantly with a perky basket of primroses. Pink, purple, yellow, pink – some even sport variegated blossoms. Just as the winter cold begins to get you down, the bright faces of primroses appear. I love to place baskets of primroses throughout the house, a basket on the kitchen counter, a small basket in the bathroom and a big basket at the front door. Then, I always buy one more basket to give to a friend. Brighten your day and the day of a friend as well by picking up some baskets of perky primroses at Flora2000 today.

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  1. Dana says:

    A basket of flowers is ideal. I save and collect all shapes of basketsto give as gifts in the summer I enjoy filling them with flowers from the garden to adding vegetables with them. If you add some personal touches it can be special to the one you give it too.

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