St. Patrick’s Day Green

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s day and the wearing of the green just got better with the fabulous green flowers available from Flora2000 – carnations, freesia, spray poms, roses etc. Wow! So many green choices!

Gather your favorites and add a Four-Leaf Clover; one leaf for hope, one for faith, one for love and one for luck

In the middle ages, it was believed that if you found a four-leaf clover, not only did it bring you luck but you would be blessed with the ability to see fairies and sprites. This lore led children to hunt the fields for the magical four-leaf clover and enter the realm of the fantasy world.

Add a touch of green magic to your life this St. Patrick’s day.

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  1. Lisa Meschan says:

    I love these flowers…….any way that we could talk about having them for my wedding and the amount to order?

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