Flower Fact Contest – WINNERS

Flower Fact Blog Winner

Welcome back to our contest all you Flower Fans – Change the line

We must admit, some of the entries we received were extremely fascinating. To share knowledge is truly one of the noblest things anyone can do and we would like to thank everyone who participated in this contest.

But what must be done, must be done, and this is where we announce the 2 winners.


1) Oscar

2) P.G. Samulenas

You have each won an extravagant bouquet that we will deliver to your special someone, absolutely free of charge. Your Promotion Code for your FREE purchase will be emailed to you.

To everyone else, you have our promise of more exciting contests in the future.

Keep coming back to Flora2000 – where the Flowers never end!

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3 Responses to Flower Fact Contest – WINNERS

  1. Olivia says:

    the 2 winners
    can you print the flower tips that they gave?

  2. Taha Bani Hashim says:

    Flowers are the most common language between nations that never require a translation! You are, hence, promoting an international expression for the world to adopt.

  3. M.N. Singhal says:

    Why people send flowers to their beloveds ? Bcoz – flowers represent smile.
    When some one get flowers- instantly he gets smile on his face. And he/she feels very happy .

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