April Showers Bring May Flowers

April Showers
“April showers bring May flowers,
That is what they say.
But if all the showers turned to flowers,
We’d have quite a colorful day!

There’d be bluebells and cockleshells,
Tulips red and green,
Daffodils and Chinese squill,
The brightest you’ve ever seen.”

Chinese squill… What is that? It’s nothing more than common grape hyacinth.  What an interesting name – Squill. You may know the grape hyacinth as Scilla.  Now, you can also dazzle your friends with another name, Chinese Squill.

The lingering April showers have brought many flowers to your Flora2000 florist.  Drop by and find Chinese squill, daffodils and lilies (oh, the bright colors) and tulips, too. Spring time brings so many fabulous flowers to the market place. It is hard to choose. All these bright blooms make the rainy days a little brighter!

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