Father’s Day Blog Contest Winners

FDay Blog Contest

A standing ovation, showing love and appreciation to Father’s all over the world is what we want for Father’s Day.

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all and CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of our Blog Contest.

All the entries were heart warming but, through careful deliberation, we have selected 2 winners which poured their hearts out to us and let us know what they would say in less than 15 words to their Dad’s on Father’s Day.

1) Kim Pittman

2) Jennifer Baldwin

Each of you have WON an exquisite Father’s Day arrangement absolutely FREE from us.

Thank You and Congratulations once again. Do keep coming back for more contests, decorating tips and interesting topics covering everything from floral trends to holiday and wedding traditions.

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One Response to Father’s Day Blog Contest Winners

  1. fe gacos says:

    thats a wrong deliberation,,youa hve choosen wrong…i read many times tehre coment and its all not good as mine….thsi contest makes me freaked already to joined….erase me in your acount list….i dont like favi=ortism without fare judging in this kind of contrest

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