Lasting Blooms

Lasting Blooms

Flowers sizzle with color. Many of the fiery hot reds, yellows and oranges are long lasting blooms that capture the beauty of the season. Need help choosing long lasting blooms? Here are a few helpful hints to get you started.

1) Look for sturdy, strong and straight stems

2) Touch the foliage, it should be firm and hydrated.

3) Some flowers have multiple blooms (like lilies). Choose a stem with some buds still tightly closed.

4) As a general rule of thumb, flowers with firm petals (like an orchid) last longer than flowers with soft petals.

Gather your favorites and drop them in a vase with lots of water. Many blooms are heavy water drinkers. Now you’re ready to light the barbeque and have the friends over for an impromptu party. Flowers, friends and food!

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  1. Noel Auma says:

    Waiting for long lasting dreams to filled my heart.
    please forward information on the tete a tete

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