Aromatherapy from the Garden


Aromatherapy is quite trendy at the local spas. This is nothing new to all of us flower lovers. We’ve long known that the exotic scent of a lily, the spicy aroma of freesia or the romantic fragrance of lavender will quickly lift our spirits. Feeling blue, tired or cranky? Add fresh flowers to your room close your eyes and breathe in deeply…aromatherapy straight from Mother Nature.

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3 Responses to Aromatherapy from the Garden

  1. Judy Deng says:

    Thanks for your information. i’m interested. please send me some updates if possible.

  2. Dale says:

    I like the appearance and its natural look of lilly flower and a good gift to a close friend

  3. aromatherapy guy says:

    Love this information, very useful indeed, and hepful.

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