Victory Flowers

VictorySince the ancient Greeks first awarded a palm branch to the winner of an athletic contest, floral bouquets, garlands and wreaths have been symbols of victory. At the height of the Roman Empire, bouquets of flowers and garlands were awarded to generals victorious in battle as well as the victors of gladiatorial contests. When the Olympic Games were restored in the late 19th century, flowers as well as olive and laurel branches were made a part of the victory ceremony. Today we see flowers awarded to the winners and stars of many various contests and events. The winning race horse in the Kentucky Derby is draped with a blanket of 554 red roses. The winners of the Tour de France bicycle race are awarded with large bouquets of flowers. The winning driver in the Indianapolis 500 automobile race is draped with a floral wreath and stars of theater, opera and dance are awarded floral bouquets during curtain calls. Flowers are such a wonderful way to honor a significant accomplishment. Isn’t there someone you know who deserves a victory bouquet today?

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