Country Fairs

Country Fairs

I love country fairs. I love to visit the exhibits of farm animals and flowers, eat snow cones and ride the Ferris wheel

There was a time when the country fair was a very important to the world of agriculture and floriculture. Breeders would gather to exhibit and showcase their animals, plants and flowers. Often there were competitions and winning the “Blue Ribbon” was not only important to the ego, but to the pocketbook as well. New seed stock was purchased, farming methods studied and breeding animals exchanged.

While many of the new varieties of today’s flowers are developed in the laboratory, the country fair was the laboratory of days gone by. And every once in a while; it’s the backyard breeder of flowers that develops a fabulous new variety.  Maybe that’s why I love the country fair so much. It’s a chance to see a new flower blossoms and to eat snow cones too.

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