India Collection – The Making

With the arrival of our New India collection, we offer our patrons a luxurious range of floral masterpieces to turn special occasions into affairs to remember. The making of such a collection requires understanding, skill, patience and, a passion and thirst for perfection.

Each arrangement is created with the cumulative efforts of an entire team of floral designers. Hours are spent in getting the right blend of different flowers which would complement the composition and flush of the arrangement. Multiple combination’s are tested and tried until the right collection of flowers is used. Every detail of the flower such as it’s leaves, stems, it’s length, is scrutinized before selecting just the right accessories for it; the perfect vase, delicate ribbons and the most robust wrapping to name a few. Spices and fruits add just the right touch to make these arrangements into wholesome and innovative masterpieces.

After these amazing arrangements are completed, a photo shoot follows. An entire team is at the arrangements disposal to keep in mind the lighting, backgrounds, surfaces, hues, color combination’s, camera angles etc. Countless shots are taken of one arrangement until the perfect picture is obtained. The image is viewed with a fine eye and if required, the entire process is repeated if the creation is an iota away from perfection.

Over 400 designs were brought to the stage of blue prints but after a rigorous process, only 50 made it to our catalogue after they were scrutinized by a panel of floral connoisseurs.

We hope you enjoy our arrangements as much as we enjoyed creating them.

Making 1
Our Floral Designer working intensely to get the best look for the arrangement.

Making 2

Getting the right mix of Flowers and accessories!

Making 3

Last minute touch ups before the shoot.

Making 4

The Photographer scrutinizing each image.

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