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Waterford Crystal adds a sparkle to David Beahm’s collection

Designed by David Beahm, the New York Signature Collection is the creative work of a dedicated and innovative artist. The collection features exquisite and rare flowers that are further accentuated by their very own designer vases like the elegant Waterford … Continue reading

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Show Her You Really Love Her

Valentine’s Day – the mandatory day of love. For all you husbands and boyfriends out there, you know it can be the most important day of the relationship year. Want to know a secret? Give flowers today! Why? – Just … Continue reading

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Winter Orchids

Oncydium, phalaenopsis, cymbidium, dendrobium and paphiopedilum. Big words with lots of syllables – memorize them! These are magical words in the floral world. Each and everyone is a long lasting, absolutely gorgeous, and fabulously decadent blooming plant. Even better, they … Continue reading

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Designing with Succulents

Low maintenance, long lasting, absolutely fabulous. Sound impossible? Let me introduce you to the trendiest plants around – Succulents. Also known as “fat plants”, succulents are water retaining plants adapted to arid climates and pour soil conditions. They are hardy … Continue reading

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The David Beahm Signature Collection

2010 marks the collaboration of Flora2000 and David Beahm. David, with his passionate approach and a stellar portfolio, brings his unique vision and a cool and arty edge to the Flora2000 designs you know and love. All of David’s creations … Continue reading

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What Makes You Smile?

Flowers = smiles = happiness. Yes, it is true. Flowers lead to emotional well being. Flower lovers always knew this. Now, science validates. Don’t believe me? Try it out yourself. Start with a handful of flowers. One at a time, … Continue reading

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Happy Tulip Time!

Red, yellow, pink, white, orange and lavender… single, double and parrot… Just in time to brighten even the darkest day of winter, tulips have arrived. To assure the longest enjoyment, buy your tulips tightly closed. Bring them home with just … Continue reading

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The Color of the Year

Turquoise: The color of the year for 2010. Is it any wonder? Green is popular… blue is popular… put the two together and you know it is going to be fabulous. Pair this new and trendy color with pink for … Continue reading

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