Winter Orchids

Winter Orchids
Oncydium, phalaenopsis, cymbidium, dendrobium and paphiopedilum. Big words with lots of syllables – memorize them! These are magical words in the floral world. Each and everyone is a long lasting, absolutely gorgeous, and fabulously decadent blooming plant. Even better, they are amazingly easy to take care of. Phalaenopsis, one of my favorites, is commonly called the “Moth Orchid”. Available in lavender, white, pink and yellow each bloom looks like it is ready to take flight. Now, make yourself orchid terminology flash cards and head to Flora2000 today to buy yourself a little floral magic!

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2 Responses to Winter Orchids

  1. Arline Boston says:

    I have a plant that looks like the winter orchid, it has had blkooms continously for over a year. i would like to know how to care for it when the last blooms are gone. arline

  2. Arline Boston says:

    I have an orchid that looks just like the wintrr orchid shown here. it has had blooms continously for almost two years. I would like to know how to care for it when all the blooms fall off. thank you Arline

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