Waterford Crystal adds a sparkle to David Beahm’s collection

Designed by David Beahm, the New York Signature Collection is the creative work of a dedicated and innovative artist. The collection features exquisite and rare flowers that are further accentuated by their very own designer vases like the elegant Waterford Crystal’s Lismore Collection.

David has ingeniously used a few vases from this collection such as the Lismore Crystal bowl, an unusually shaped cylindrical vase from the Lismore Simplicity collection and an Old Fashioned Crystal Tumbler from the Lismore Classic collection. Waterford Crystal’s prized Ice Bucket from the Marquis Collection also makes an appearance.

These vases not only compliment David’s arrangements, they will stay long after the flowers, as an exquisite keepsake. Every time your loved-one looks at it, they will be reminded of your loving gesture.
Pink roses in Waterford Marquis ice bucket
Deep pink Rosita Vandela roses in a Waterord Crystal ice bucket.

Crystal vase from Lismore Simplicity collection with roses
This diamond cut crystal vase holds roses and Magic Vanda orchids.
Exotic flowers in a Waterford Crystal tumbler.
A delectable blend of roses and luxuriant calla lilies served in a Waterford Crystal tumbler.

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  1. Javed Rathod says:

    What price of this amaging flower i want it

  2. Henning Nielsen says:


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