Fruits, Flowers and Girl Power!

Some things go together naturally, like bees and honey, caviar and wine, fruits and flowers. The last, besides being pleasingly alliterative, brings to mind delectable colors, scents and flavours.

Fruits and flowers make an unbeatable combination. A beautiful centerpiece with a colorful mix of perfectly ripened fruits set off with elegant and delicate flowers, can be an inviting beginning to a wonderful evening of conversation and laughter.

At the Women’s Day celebration at Azok, Flora2000′s incredible and edible arrangements made quite an impression on the sparkling attendees. Co hosted by Nisha Jhaveri of Myrah Spa and Lucky Morani of the restaurant, the soiree’s guest list included the likes of Isha Koppikar, Aarti Surendranath and Maria Goretti.

Our beautiful centerpieces and adorable napkin rings were crafted from fine flowers and delicious, succulent fruits and berries. It was an evening dedicated to, and in celebration of, the empowerment of women, where our elegant decor featuring orchids, cherry tomatoes, orange berries and star fruits set the scene.

Fruits, Flowers and Girl Power!

Fruits, Flowers and Girl Power!

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  1. carmela Thomas says:

    Hello There,
    My name is Carmela, I would like to send not the big one just medium size combination with fruits and flower to Itlay for my Friends Birthday, I would apprecite if you kindly let me know how much will it cost me, though I have seen the flowers which I have already decided it but thought of some ftuits too will be a good surprised.

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