Bloom and Sparkle at Bloomingdale’s

It’s incredibly difficult to improve something that’s already perfect…. like a Baccarat crystal vase. However, David Beahm successfully did so at an event held in New York’s Bloomingdale’s. David’s floral works of art were arranged in exquisite Baccarat crystal vases. The bright orchids and red roses seemed all the more beautiful under the light of Bloomingdale’s Baccarat chandelier.

Baccarat crystal works are world-famous for their superb glass art, sparkling tableware and dazzling sconces. David Beahm’s stunning flowers and the elegant Baccarat vases were a match made in heaven. Arrangements from Flora2000’s David Beahm New York collection were also kept on display. The event received a tremendous positive response; everyone, including Bloomingdale’s Baccarat crystal specialist, Gena Davis, felt that the flowers showcased their crystal holders perfectly.

Bloom and Sparkle; at Bloomingdale

Bloom and Sparkle at Bloomingdale

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