Paradise on a Desktop

The days are warming and spring flowers are popping up everywhere. The springtime days call us outside but alas, the work day calls us inside. If that is the case for you, create a springtime paradise for your desk top. If you can’t be out with the flowers, they certainly should be inside with you! Ranunculas and anemones, daffodils and tulips… Arranged in a simple glass vase; absolutely glorious!

Paradise on a Desktop

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2 Responses to Paradise on a Desktop

  1. Li Li says:

    yes..the bonquet is nice…but alas…the clours are too many..i think some of them are not match each other…

    but, yes, springtimes coming..i do love bonquets on my desk..

  2. shirin says:

    thanks,for giving such a nice you have any another scheme in this or any types of offer in this if i want to send this flowers online without address so wts procedure for that.thanks

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