Zesty Citrus Cubes

The technique of adding citrus fruits to your flower arrangement always brings up the question, “won’t it hurt the flowers?” NO! Citrus and flowers pair well and the fruit will not harm the blooms. In fact, the citric acid helps the flowers to drink water. Go ahead – add a little zest to your flowers with vibrant oranges, lemons and limes. The unexpected addition of sliced citrus fruit is certain to make you smile.

Zesty Citrus Cubes

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4 Responses to Zesty Citrus Cubes

  1. Wow, those are beautiful and eye catching. I can just imagine how nice they must smell. Wonderful idea for Mother’s Day.

  2. Armgard Fernbach says:

    would you, please send an arrangemant with orange slices by Friday April I6th to:
    Cornelia Kuehl und Wiebke Oeser
    Ritzebeker Strasse 143 Schwentinental 24222

    send the bill to Armgard Fernbach
    Dorfstrasse 143
    Schwentinental 24222

  3. LB says:

    I do not like to waste food or fruit. This would only be a good idea if the fruit is dry or not good to eat anymore though….

  4. Lindie du Plessis says:

    How long does the fruit look presentable or do you add anything to fruit to preserve the look ? I do corporate flowers and often use fruit in the arrangements. I would love to use idea however in future

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