Flora2000′s India collection- The second coming!

It’s nearing summer and glowing, sun-kissed flowers arranged in traditional garden-style designs are in vogue. The new Flora2000 India Collection is inspired from, what else, the warmth of the summer sun. Our designers have painstakingly recreated the ‘garden style’ look, showcasing assorted flowers that seem like they have been freshly hand-picked from an English garden to be the centerpiece for an intimate tea party.

The new additions include some original, stylized designs. Unusual materials like tendrils from Areca trees, and strong green shafts from Palmetto leaves, twirl themselves around swirls of exotic flowers like Phalaneopsis Orchids. Extensive use of warm reds, pinks and yellows; fluffy carnations with full, serrated blooms; and Lisanthus with their flaring, moon-shaped petals, make for stylish arrangements that also exude an element of coziness and warmth.

Here’s a small preview of some masterpieces from the collection:

Crème Fraîche
Crème Fraîche- Delicately pale Asiatic lilies, creamy carnations and ivory dendrobium orchids arranged in a leaf lined rectangular holder.

Malabar Sun
Malabar Sun- Crimson carnations in an unusual goldfish bowl holder, scarlet anne black orchids floating in the water and their long stems creating the impression of rays of light.

PowderPuff- A delicate white ceramic holder with carnations, lisianthus and button mums in varying shades of peach, red and white.

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