Cut … ever so slightly

Hand-tied bouquets, with flowers in long stemmed, circular clusters and long-tailed, swirling bows are back in vogue. The expert hands at Flora2000 bring you this style with a twist… of gossamer ribbons and floating underwater crystals. The aptly named Pocket of Posies features two mini- bouquets of satiny Lisianthus and light, crepy Statice. The focus is on re-creating the quaint, garden-style look based on principles of modern design — such as using contrasting colors, textures and sizes, and juxtaposing exotic and tropical materials with traditional pink or red roses.

Accompanying our Pocketfuls of Posies, are rings of a variety of Roses— glowing Goldstrikes, pristine white Emmas, pink-rimmed Attractas and deep red Baccaras. The classic, hand tied bouquet is characterized by delicately arranged concentric circles of these colorful blossoms, all of which feature extensively in the new Summer 2010 Collection.

Carmichael bloom

Carmichael bloom- Fuchsia carnations, heavenly Attracta roses and soft green button mums highlight the bouquet, creating a pleasing contrast.

Roseate Glow, Yellow

Roseate Glow, Yellow- Two dozen Goldstrike roses, with a smooth tropic leaf wrapped around the tall stems and chic areca accents.

Supernova, Red

Supernova, Red- Ruby red Baccara roses pose and pout elegantly amidst green palmetto shafts.

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3 Responses to Cut … ever so slightly

  1. ned says:

    gorgeous, but how long do they last?

  2. flower says:

    I like flower it give sweet message of love

  3. flower says:

    I like flower It give us sweet massage for love

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