There is something wonderful about presenting a loved one with a living, flowering plant, especially one as beautiful and exotic as an orchid. Indoor potted Dendrobium and Phalaenopsis orchid plants are surprisingly easy to care for and make memorable and unusual gifts. Contrary to popular belief, orchids are not difficult plants, nor will they need a temperature-controlled greenhouse and painstaking protection from the elements. A little weekly watering and lots of sunlight should keep them in flower for months.
Both Phalaenopsis and Dendrobium orchids have long been coveted for their exquisite loveliness and long blooming season. Spectacular Dendrobiums, with their drooping stems and copious, trembling flowers, have an air of mystery about them. The gracefully arching Phalaenopsis, aka Moth Orchid, is prized for its flaring, oval petals and moon shaped flowers.
Whichever orchid you choose to gift, it’s graceful, fluttering form will add a touch of elegance and a splash of color to the atmosphere.
Yellow Phalaenopsis Orchid Planter
Yellow Phalaenopsis Orchid Planter – Phalaenopsis orchids, with their exquisite petals, moon shaped blossoms and drooping canes have been prized for their exotic beauty for centuries.

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