A Twist in the Tale

Traditional, hand tied bouquets are très chic this season. Flora2000’s David Beahm Collection and Mumbai collection feature an array of creative arrangements inspired by this traditional, time honoured form. Moreover, bouquets have an interesting history. In olden times, courting couples would often slip secret notes, keepsakes, even keys into an innocuous bouquet of beautiful flowers. There is an instinctive attraction towards flowers that are natural and free-flowing. Hand tied bouquets involve minimum cutting of the stems, enabling flowers to remain in their natural form.

The trick to getting the classic garden style look is to include plenty of foliage and greens, in varying hues and textures, to constitute a sense of balance with the flowers. We have incorporated unusual elements like tendrils of areca trees and smooth green palmetto shafts— tropical and imaginative contrasts that bring out our traditionally beautiful, large headed roses. David Beahm’s Nita and Angie are colourful masterpieces of luxuriant roses; their style, although reminiscent of archetypal Victorian bouquets, has a distinct contemporary feel.


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