The Complete Gift

Who amongst us is not familiar with the frenzy of finding a gift that is ‘just right’, for a wedding or birthday or for Christmas? We all yearn for a gift that will make the occasion extra special for our beloved one.

Envisage delectable cakes, chocolates and cookies, dressed in red and white with ribbons and tinsel woven around it – doesn’t it sound like just the thing to spread the Yuletide cheer. And what better way to say, “Get Well Soon!” than with a wicker basket overflowing with luscious, ripe fruits! At Flora2000, these hampers are especially designed to touch the right chords. When combined with our unique floral arrangements, these hampers make truly breathtaking gifts!

Our hampers are characterized by a mix of exotic culinary feats and gourmet delights reigning alongside boutique chocolates or stuffed toys. All of these are bundled in quaint baskets or boxes, and when gifted lovingly along with an intricate arrangement of gorgeous blooms, they create a souvenir appropriate for any occasion and a complete gift for every individual.

The complete gift

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  1. norman gillot says:

    I think at 62 years young most if not all my teachers have been laid to rest but thanks for the thought

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