Carnations for the Centaur

Vivid ideas with pragmatic solutions. Blazing enthusiasm with unswerving determination. Also, naïve optimism with piercing insight. These are the paradoxical qualities of the Sagittarius. And the S. American carnations.

Originally cultivated in Egypt for over 2,000 years, these delicate albeit durable blooms have crowned the emperors of Rome and Greece. Today, they continue to be coveted for their frilly, ruffled appearance and long-lasting, clove-like fragrance. These posies personify indomitable spirit of the Sagittarius with light pastel shades of peach, pink and flesh tones, with an occasional detour to white, yellow, green, red and deep shades of purple and burgundy.

Discover this season myriad expressions of love and romance accentuated by the fiery and fearless persona of the Centaur.

Carnations for the Centaur

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