Natural Christmas

The holidays are always so busy.  The stores are teaming with people and their bustle.  Oh my!  Do not get me started!  I love the holidays but…always a but…there are times I need to retreat into a quiet oasis of calm.  My studio is decorated in a minimal style that provides just such an escape.  This year, the Christmas décor is focused on the natural treasures provided by Mother Nature.  The conical trees are moss covered and freckled with tiny golden balls.  This personal oasis is waiting for me as I sneak away for a moment of meditation and reflection on the natural beauty to be found on the earth.


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2 Responses to Natural Christmas

  1. Hedyeh Haghighi says:

    Where can I get one???

  2. Henning Nielsen says:

    I think it’s a good upset, which I would like to send, it’s different, so hope it will be possible to send before christmas, but how much will it cost to Philippine.

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