Christmas special flowers for Capricorn

From the rules of etiquette that restricted lovers from the Victorian era to express their passion, emerged the language of flowers. As this mysteriously ciphered language emerged, particular messages were assigned to specific flowers. So, protected deep within the blooming petals was a message meant only for the beloved to see.

The red carnation expressed the unspoken ache of heart in the absence of the loved one. It is then a little wonder that this particular bloom, the birth flower of a Capricorn, was chosen as a deep expression of long distance love. The responsible, reliable Capricorn could be easily visualized as the one who would not flout society’s rules even when in agony without his loved one.

Besides, Capricorn’s other birth flowers represent different traits of his personality too: vivid orange blossoms symbolize ambition veiled by self-discipline; sweet baby’s breath portrays the honesty he seeks in every interaction and magnificent magnolia shows his regal taste.

Touching the very core of the Capricorn personality, arrangements comprising these flowers make an ideal birthday present for him. At the same time, they impersonate the Capricorn personality well enough to impress admirers of the sure-footed sea-goat.

Go on– embellish your Capricorn’s home or office space with his favourite flowers– red carnations, baby’s breath, orange blossoms and magnolia.

Christmas special flowers for Capricorn

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2 Responses to Christmas special flowers for Capricorn

  1. george Goh says:

    can i order this to be delivered to shenyang city in china ?

  2. Wassim says:

    Can you deliver specifically this bouquet to Milan/ Italy with a bottle of wine & box of chocolate?
    Please give me the details

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