Paperwhite Fragrance

Do you miss the scent of pine when you take out all the holiday decorations?  I do!  The house seems so empty and the fabulous holiday fragrance is gone.  Paperwhites are the best floral “quick fix”.  A single plant can perfume an entire room – maybe even the house.  Stop by your Flora2000 florist and ask for a bit of floral perfume in a living paperwhite plant


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3 Responses to Paperwhite Fragrance

  1. Valerie Leishman says:

    Hey there,
    What a beautiful floral arrangement. I’m sure that would perfume a room quite nicely.
    Can you get this arrangement in Canada also?

    Valerie Leishman
    High River, Alberta

  2. nancie loppnow says:

    How do I order something? I see no way of doing that?

  3. jenny rose says:

    it looks impressive, it has simple but have the quality to make place elegant.

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