Floral Handbag

The haute couture trend of the moment is oh, so feminine! Clothing and accessories are filled with floral accents, lace, ruffles, pearls and beads for detailing…all the feminine touches that we know and love. Why not add ‘real’ flowers to the look. A custom designed handbag filled with fresh blossoms is true haute couture for a flower connoisseur.

Floral Handbag

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3 Responses to Floral Handbag

  1. Emily says:

    WOW. That is a really delicate handbag, it almost looks like red flowers resting in a gold nest. Floral handbags are just so pretty: http://www.handbagheaven.com/blog/fun-flirty-and-floral/

  2. anju gulati says:

    nice collections do you give franchise or do you operate with partners in different cities

  3. John Hanson says:

    I like to order a flowering plant for my Mom, who lives in the Netherlands.
    Her birthday is January 27, 2012.
    I want to send her a nice flowering house-plant.
    Please e-mail me back soon.
    Thanks John Hanson

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