The message is in the flowers

February is the month of love and nothing says, “I love you” better than flowers. The whisper of a single rose is so romantic. Or, an exuberant vase of roses and other fragrant flowers shouts to the world, I LOVE YOU!!!

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5 Responses to The message is in the flowers

  1. fariba says:

    Happy Your Valentine Day

  2. And those flowers say it all! Beautiful floral arrangement

  3. Rose is the perfect symbol for Valentine’s day. It’s appearance is a great match and truly a great gift for Valentine’s day.

  4. sophy Titus says:

    My son from Manchester had ordered designer floral for my birthday to be delivered at Bangalore on Saturday, but I got it only today and the flowers were in such a mess all withered, I was really shocked and the glass broken. I have sent a picture of the same to my son. Such an unpleasant sight. I tried to get in touch with the telephone no. given on the box, but no body is picking up the phone. Such a bad experience

  5. saurabh says:

    mind blowing flowers

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