The receiving and giving of Christmas gifts and presents has its origins dating back to the biblical times. The biblical story of the nativity gives the classic narrative of the three wise men from the East presenting gifts of gold, myrrh, and frankincense to baby Jesus. This is considered by some to have been the first Christmas gifts ever given.

The Victorian era epitomized the real spirit of Christmas and led to the start of many of the current seasonal customs. During those times giving and receiving simple gifts was the order of the day, as apposed to the mass of extravagant gifts often given out nowadays. The gifts would often be simple homemade items such as cakes, clothes, dolls etc. For the more affluent class of people, the manufacturing of toys (often wooden) was introduced. The first commercially produced Christmas card also came into being during this era. Together with cards and decorations, the Victorian Era saw the introduction of many of the Christmas traditions currently enjoyed.

Contrary to popular belief, Christmas celebrations did exist before the Victorian era. In fact back in the Middle Ages Christmas celebration was almost a two week long affair extending up till the night of January 6th, hence the 12 days of Christmas carols was written in 1789. The two week Christmas celebration was a time of much feasting, merriment and of course the giving and receiving of gifts. The generous Lords and Kings would give out essential items such as clothing and firewood to the less fortunate.

In contemporary times, Christmas has become a huge commercial enterprise. Business promotions for Christmas begin virtually as soon as Summer Holidays come to an end. For many the Christmas period turns out to be a very stressful. The strain of finding the perfect Christmas present takes a toll on many- and many people end up with gifts they already have or don’t want.

Although it is true that the build up to the Holiday season has become a tad bit commercialized in the views of some, it still remains a time for much celebration and enjoyment world over.

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