10 Ways in Which Flowers Make Your Wedding a Memorable Affair

Marriage is a one-time fare (at least it used to be), so most people go out and out to make it a special experience for themselves and for the people who are going to be part of it. Marriage gives you the opportunity to cover everything with beautiful flowers without anyone complaining about it. With some creativity flowers can be used in endless and impressive ways for weddings. We have listed down _ 10 ways in which you can use flowers for your wedding.

The Aisle
aileThis walk would probably be one of the most historic aisle walks of your life (unless of course, you’re on your way to accept an Oscar). So why not turn your aisle into a bed of flowers. Decorate your aisle with whole flowers or flower petals and have the walk of your life!

The Chuppah
chuppahAlthough the Chuppah is primarily a part of the Jewsish tradition, today they’re a work of art and key element in wedding décor. There are several ways in which you can decorate your Chuppah. You can alternate between attaching a garland to the edge of the canopy to attaching bouquets to the poles. You can also drape swags of garland between the poles. Wrapping garlands around the poles will also make the Chuppah look welcoming. The key is not to decorate it all, as you don’t want the focus to shift from the soon-to-be-married couple.

The Bride’s Hair
bride hair2There’s something so elegantly romantic about a bride with flowers in her hair! There are floral accessories and styles to that can suit all kinds of brides and wedding styles. Depending on her gown, a bride can alternate between having a rustic to modern, glam to a vintage look.

The Bride’s Veil

bride veilYou may say we’re slightly biased towards having adorned a woman with flowers on her wedding day than a man. But we have to accept the fact that women look doubly beautiful when adorned with flowers. Every girl wishes to look and feel like a princess on her wedding day. A veil that’s adorned with flowers will definitely make her look and feel like one!

The Bride’s Bouquet

8b51234e3678534240122c7b1e8d93f0While many brides prefer to use artificial flowers in their bouquet as it lasts long and also works as a memoir of their wedding day, we would still suggest brides to use fresh flowers in their bouquet. Fresh flowers have a charm of their own, a charm that’s unmatched with artificial flowers. They also smell nice, feel fresh and soft. One can use an exclusive bouquet of white roses or alternate between using pink roses and or even peonies.


BBouttonnieres are a classic staple at any wedding. They’re beautiful, tasteful and a keepsake in memory of the big day (in case they are made of artificial flowers). While again, bouttonnieres are made of imitation flowers, real flowers can be used for this event as well. In case you want to store it as a memoir of the wedding, you can always store it for years together as a dried flower. One can use bouttonnieres made of roses, lilies or even daffodils.

The Wedding Cake

wedding cakeOne can’t deny that real flowers bring elegance to wedding cakes. Flowers are used to decorate cakes in several weddings, simply because they offer a romantic look to the occasion. The color of the flowers on the cake and that of the decoration can be co-ordinated to bring an enhanced look to the entire affair. Commonly used flowers are roses and peonies. But one can also use lilies, orchids and hydrangeas.

The Tables
wedding table
The wedding table is the place is where people spend most of their time, apart from the dance floor. So make sure your wedding table stands out with a beautiful flower centerpiece. A simple floral arrangement can add so much to a table. You can choose flowers depending on the color theme of your wedding.

The Photo Backdrop

flower_wallpaperA place that gets the most number of clicks at the wedding is the photo backdrop. Make sure your photo backdrop stands out! You can have at least 2-3 photo backdrops decorated with flowers. You can alternate between having a backdrop that’s loaded with roses, or a simple backdrop that has drape swags of garlands of the flowers of your choice connecting the ends of the backdrop.

A Flower Chandelier

afterIf your wedding celebrations are in the outdoors and during the day, you can go with a flower chandelier instead of a glass chandelier. These chandeliers look gorgeous and suit a romantic occasion like marriages perfectly! In case you’re celebrating indoors and at night, you can deck the glass chandelier with flowers.

We hope our suggestions help in making your wedding day, a memorable and impressive affair. If you have better suggestions on how to give a floral touch to weddings, then please add them in the comment box below.


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10 Exotic Easter Delicacies From The World Over

From Greece to Germany, and from pudding to eggs, Easter is the season to indulge in some great food. We’ve shortlisted 10 Easter delicacies from across the globe that you must try. Allow us to take you on a virtual tour of them.

Spanish Easter Torrijas

Spanish Easter Torrijas

Torrijas is Spain’s answer to French toast. They’re even prepared in a similar fashion. Pieces of stale bread are soaked in sweetened milk, that’s flavored with cinnamon or vanilla essence, topped with beaten egg. This preparation is fried in oil and sprinkled with a mixture of sugar and powdered cinnamon. ‘Yummy’ is an understatement! Go to Spain now and eat them! Or else have them delivered to you via international gift delivery!

Czech Easter Bread

Czech Easter Bread

The traditional Easter celebrations in Czech might leave you a little red faced. Boys cut young, soft branches from willow trees and bend them into a whip. Then they take a basket and go around the neighborhood, visiting every house with female residents. They chase the girls with the whip, until the girls give them a decorated egg. This custom is no longer followed, but a lot of running, screaming and chasing still takes place. Embarrassing? Let’s just shift your focus to something more interesting for now. The Czech Easter bread that’s prepared during Easter festivities is a rich bread, adorned with raisins and almonds. No need to smear butter on it as it’s delicious by itself. It’s the kind of snack that you can have with your family at a dining table adorned with beautiful flowers.

British Hot Cross Buns

Hot cross

These buns are so popular that they have a popular nursery rhyme dedicated to them. No Easter celebration in the UK is complete without a hot cross bun. This English delicacy is a sweet spiced bun that’s marked with a cross that has been eaten for hundreds of years.

Now that we’ve talked about so many bread-related dishes, let’s just move our focus to something un-bread-like. Like fish preparations!

Scandinavian Herring


The Herring fish is caught during Easter time and is a popular Easter dish. Whether to have it pickled, raw or cured is not the question. The question is to decide upon the number of times you savor this delicacy. As per traditionally, this dish is served on a bun or alongside sour cream, rye bread or potatoes.

Russian Paskha


“Paskha” means “Easter” in Russian. This dish is made of cream cheese and cottage cheese (foods traditionally forbidden during Lent). It’s encrusted with dried fruits, molded into a triangular shape and stamped with the letters “XB,” which stand for “Christ has risen” in Cyrillic script. It’s a breakfast dish that’s usually eaten with thick-crusted breads. However it can be consumed plain as well.

Greek Koulouria Cookies

Greek Koulouria Cookies

‘Koloura’ in Greek means round and twisted. These traditional round butter cookies get their name from their round twisted shape. These cookies are also shaped like small braids in the shape of the letter “S.” Koulourakia taste best when they’re dunked in coffee or milk.

Portuguese Roasted Easter Potatoes


Straight from the oven, this is one mouth-watering dish that comes from the Portuguese kitchen. It’s the kind of dish that you have when you’re celebrating Easter with your extended family; on a long table that serves at least 15 people. This dish becomes doubly indulgent when served with roasted lamb and a salad of leave and tomatoes. Here’s the secret to making the perfect Roasted Potatoes, boil the potatoes first for no longer than 10/12 minutes and then, right before putting them in the oven, punch them lightly with your fist. This way, the potatoes will flatten a little and you’ll get more surfaces for even browning and crisping in the oven.

Mexican Capirotada Bread Pudding


All the way from Mexico, this special kind of spiced Mexican bread pudding that’s filled with raisins, cinnamon, cloves and cheese. Interestingly each ingredient is said to carry a reminder of the suffering of Christ on the cross. The cloves represent the nails, the cinnamon sticks represent the wooden cross, and bread stands for the body of Christ himself. However eating this delicacy is quite the opposite of suffering.

British Panko Fried Scotch Eggs


This dish needs no introduction so let’s just jump to its simple yet, tongue-teasing taste. A boiled egg is trapped in minced pork meat, breaded and then deep fried. Yum! This one’s so delicious looking, that at the very sight of it, you might want to sink your teeth into it. (Even if it makes your mouth burn)

Brazil’s Paçoca de Amendoim


Not to be confused with the salty meat dish of the same name—this Brazilian Easter treat is made of crushed peanuts, sugar and cassava flour. The easy-to-dole-out candy has long been served during holiday procession walks. It’s Brazil’s popular peanut candy that’s served during the Easter season. It’s best paired with a hot cup of coffee.

Now that we have you salivating, it’s about time you go visit these places during Easter and try these mouth-watering dishes. If not grab a native of the above mentioned nations in your locality and bribe them to cook these delicacies for you. Wishing you all a happy and blessed Easter in advance! Think we’ve missed out on a couple of delicious Easter specialties? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below.


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10 Mind-Blowingly Simple Easter Egg Designs

Bored of the traditional-looking Easter eggs? ‘Tis the season to innovate! Below are listed some of the most creative Easter egg designs. These designs are not only creative, but can be made with the stuff that you readily have at home.

Bubble Wrap Design
Paint a bubble wrap with multiple colors.

Hard-boil eggs and roll them over the painted bubble wrap (make sure the paint is wet enough).

Cracked and Colored
Boil the eggs. Once they cool off, roll them gently over a towel so that cracks develop on them.

Choose the food colors of your choice and mix each color separately in a bowl with cold water. Refrigerate the cracked eggs soaked in the food color plus water mixture, overnight. When you peel the shell the following day, you’ll see beautiful colorful and patterned eggs.

Flowery Eggs
Collect colorful flower petals. Hard-boil the eggs.

Easter flower
Apply glue in the areas where you want the flowers placed. Gently press the petals on to the sticky area and allow them to dry.

Colorful Eggs
This is one of things you could do with the chipped crayons that your kids refuse to use.
Easter egg crayonTake off the wrapper from the crayons and grate them on tissue napkins. Boil the eggs in water and vinegar (for every cup of water use 1 and half tablespoon of vinegar) for 10 minutes. Remove each of the eggs from the boiling water one at a time and let them cool off for 10 minutes. Sprinkle the crayon shavings on the eggs and viola! Your colorful Easter Eggs are ready!

Patterns and Colors
For those who like to choose the patterns on their eggs, this is the perfect Easter egg design. All you have to do is buy little stickers of the pattern of your choice.

From butterflies to hearts, to apples to leaves, it could be anything! Stick them over the hard-boiled eggs, and dip the entire in a bowl of the liquid color of your choice. Once it has dried, take the stickers off and you’ll find them imprinted on your Easter egg.

Mr.Easter Egg
Making a man out of an Easter egg is easier than it looks. All you need is a little egg stand and some creativity.

Easter egg man
Give him a color, a face and make clothes and legs off the stand.

Doodled Eggs
So doodling is your thing?


Why not put it to some creative use by doodling Easter eggs? Hard-boil the eggs and doodle away!

Rubber band and Easter eggs
Hard-boil eggs, grab a couple of rubber bands and wrap them chaotically around these eggs.

Rubber band easter egg
Later paint these eggs with the colors you like. Once the paint dries off, take the rubber bands off.

Thumb Prints
Always hard-boil the eggs before decorating them.

file_175671_11_Thumbprint_Easter_EggsDip your thumb in the paint of your choice and make an imprint over the egg shell.
Try using light colors so that you can you draw over the thumb imprints.

Easter Egg Faces

easter egg face
Hard-boil eggs and with a black sketch pen give each Easter egg a different emotion on their face.

Hope the designs we suggested make your Easter colorful and bright. If you have brighter ideas, please do share them in the comment box below…


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10 Useful Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day isn’t too far away and instead of brainstorming at the last minute, we’ve made a list of useful Mother’s Day gifts that’ll surely make your mum feel special.

For The Gardener
Mother’s love flowers! But what they love more is something green and living.

Strawberry plant
If she loves to maintain a garden, gift her a Strawberry sapling. Strawberries taste great, last long and can thrive despite low maintenance.

For The Bookworm
Does your mother enjoy her time in the sun, not watching TV but reading? Make some memorable bookmarks for her, one for each month in a year and she’ll surely love them!

reading a book

Innovate with the pattern on each bookmark, highlight an occasion that’s celebrated month-wise or simply make a bookmark that contains mini collages of pictures of your mother and you.

Baker Mum
So, your mother loves to bake!


Buy her the best baking tools from the market that’ll make her tasks easier. She won’t just be all happy and joyful about the gift, she might call you over for dinner!

For the Mum Who Loves Jewelry
Gift her a necklace with frames that have pictures of her babies.


If she’s an emotional wreck, she’ll adore this gift!

Simply Because Every Mum Deserves To Be Praised
Gift her a key holder that contains special cardboard notes that tell her everyday how special she is.


Make 30 such notes, one for each day of the month.

For The Mum Who Enjoys Cooking
Gift her a little pot of her favorite herb.


This way she’ll have her favorite herb in her garden and will remember you fondly every time she picks it.

Pamper Her


Gift your mum a spa hamper and let her bask in the glory of being pampered for an entire day!

Shopping Hamper


Gift her a shopping hamper of a reasonable value so that she can buy herself that dress or anything else she didn’t buy cause she didn’t have enough funds.

Give Her Your Credit Card For A Day
She tried her best to give you the best, so why hesitate to give her the best when you can? Gift her your credit card for a day.

credit card

And be assured that she won’t spend even half as much as you expected, as she’s after all your mother. And don’t be surprised to find out that she’s bought a gift for you as well. :)

For the Queen of your Heart
She has been the queen of your for years together now, why not gift her a handmade crown to prove it.


It isn’t a useful gift in the literal sense, but it’s a gift that’ll make her smile from ear to ear. Useful enough!

These are gifts that will surely work and will leave your mum with a lasting and fond memory of her special day. Got better ideas? Feel free to post your ideas in the comment box.


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Ultimate Guide: 8 Awesome Tips for Spring Home-Décor

Spring means that you no longer have to cover yourself with layers of clothing to save yourself from the winter chills. People undo their wardrobe for Spring, why not revamp the look of your entire home for Spring? Make way for the sun! Below are listed some amazing tips on how you can make your house Spring-ready!

Freshly cut flowers look beautiful, but their beauty soon fades away.

dining table yellow
Build a little garden within your home. Place flowering pots on your window sills so that they stay in tune with the spring season.

A Colorful Entry
Color your front door in a way that it reflects spring time!


A colorful door will make your house look more welcoming.

Paint your Reflecting Corner Of The House
Everybody has this space in the house that they call their ‘reflecting’ space.

quiet corner

Paint this corner with a warm color, that’ll make it all the more welcoming. If you want to experiment, try a pattern or a drawing.

Wall Paper In Your Study
Add a bright wall paper to your study.

Wouldn’t it be charming to read your favorite book, sipping your favorite drink in a brightly colored room?

Open your Windows
Make way for the sun.

open window
Let the light of Spring enter your home. You don’t have to worry about the winter breeze anymore.

Dealing with old furniture
Shift your old furniture to the cellar or sell it off and make some room in your house.

minimal furn
Let each of your rooms breathe. Do not unnecessarily clutter them with furniture you don’t need. If you’re too attached to your furniture, simply rearrange it within the house. Seeing your old things in a new light will definitely be refreshing.

Revamp your fireplace
Decorate your fireplace with plants, candles and birch logs.

fireplace cover

If you want to completely do away with it, cover it up with pleasant looking folding screen.

Yellow takes care of everything mellow
Yellow is the official color of Spring. Decorate your home with the color yellow.


Don’t overdo it, add just use the right amount in every room. You could start off with painting a wall yellow or placing yellow Tulips on your dining table.

Let us know how this works for your home. Looking forward to a brighter and warmer Spring!


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10 Exclusive Spring Fashion Fixes For Women

Spring is here and you need to say it in style and stay in style. ‘Tis the season of bright colors of spring, but the key is not to replicate the colors, but blend in well. From your headgear to your footwear here are some amazing tips that will keep you fashion friendly throughout this spring season.

Wear light fabrics:
Keep it light this spring season. For special occasions try fabrics like chiffon and linen for a more casual look.

Smooth Cuts
Wear clothes that have a loose feel to it, it’ll help you gel in well with the warmer weather. It’s the perfect recipe for looking stylish and feeling comfortable. You don’t want to look three sizes bigger than what you actually are, so don’t wear clothes that are too loose. You can consider wearing a loose polo shirt, short sleeve t-shirts, tunic shirts and tank tops.

Bright Hues
Pay homage to the colors of spring by wearing bright colors like pop pinks, bright reds, super lemons and vibrant greens. But don’t overdo it, make sure you substitute your accessories with neutral colors. You don’t want to end up looking like a lollipop!

Floral designs
Spring is the time when the best flowers are in bloom so let that reflect in your tops as well.

floral prints

Shop for delicate floral prints, they’ll have you looking fresh and fruity all day.

Spring isn’t just about warmer weather, it has its day of chilly breezes and light rains. So make sure you keep your jackets at bay.

jacketYou can alternate between trench coats, fruity-colored raincoats, cardigans or go the traditional way with denim coats.

Skirts, pants and shorts
Wear full length pants till the weather is pleasantly warm and go short as the temperature rises.

bottomsAdd long and light weight pants, capri pants, A-line skirts and denim pants to your wardrobe.

skirtsAdd comfortable shorts only when the weather is warm enough.

For your feet
Stock up a pair of white sneakers for your casual outfits.

sneakersWear ballerinas under your dresses and loose tops. Keep a pair of rain boots in case it drizzles. You can alternate between simple leather walking sandals and comfortable heels for your denims.

Keep your hair loosely tied this spring. If they’re wavy let them be wavy, if they’re curly, smoothen out the curls a bit and if they’re straight, tie them up in a bun.

fish tailTry the half-up, half-down hair style, if you aren’t too comfortable with keeping your hair completely tied up, or absolutely loose. For unmanageable hair, try the fish tail braid. If you wish to experiment go for a short crop.

Nail Art

nail artIf you’re wearing bright clothes, keep a neutral shade on. However if you choose to wear light colored clothes, you can alternate between bright nail paints and intricate nail stick-ons.

Buy an umbrella with a colorful print, that isn’t too loud, but not too subtle either. It’ll add that fun element to your wardrobe.

Don’t step out without a pair of chic sunglasses.

SYou want the glamour to stay with your personality.

Colorful jewelry
Wear bright beaded bracelets, neck pieces and dangling ear rings that go with your neutral shaded outfits.

Hope our fashion fixes work wonders for your spring wardrobe. If you have any more suggestions, please add them in the comment box. Keep it stylish this spring season!


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10 Gorgeous Roses Named After Stunning Celebrities

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Did you know that the perks of fame include having a rose named after you? From Marilyn Monroe to Elizabeth Taylor, here are 10 striking celebrities that have gorgeous roses named after them.

Julie Andrews

Julie AndrewsAndrews, who by co-incidence played the role of a flower seller, Eliza Doolittle in the original stage production of “My Fair Lady”, has a rose named after her. The salmon pink rose, that’s named the ‘Julie Andrew’s rose’ fits her effervescent personality, aptly.

Barbara Streisand

barbaraA rose lover herself, Barbra was very picky about having a flower named after her. The hybrid tea rose that’s named after Streisand has large blooms, a striking color and a strong scent!

Freddie Mercury

Mercury In Shepherds BushA pink, yellow, and apricot rose was named after this legendary singer. Just like the man, this rose is full of pizzazz and style!

Ingrid Bergman
ingrid bergman
This late Swedish actress had a rose christened with her name as an honor. The Rosa ‘Ingrid Bergman’ is a hybrid tea rose, that’s velvety, dark red in color and has a fairly strong scent.

Duchess Catherine and Duke William Of Cambridge

william and kateThis royal couple has two beautiful roses named after them. The Catherine rose is of a peachy pink shade and is sweet-scented while the William rose is a vibrant red.

Paul McCartney
paul mccartney
The McCartney Rose was named in honor of Paul McCartney’s 50th birthday. This hybrid tea rose has large, deep pink flowers and an unmatched fragrance.

Audrey Hepburn
audrey hepburn
This iconic actresses of all-time, has an apple blossom pink hybrid tea rose named in her honor. It’ll look perfect on your brunch table.

Marilyn Monroe
Voluptuous, large and perfectly formed these blossoms are a creamy apricot shade and display a dash of green as they begin to open.

Elizabeth Taylor

elizabethJust like the former Hollywood starlet, this long-stemmed beauty, is a show-stopper in itself. The hybrid tea rose is of a hot pink color, and has shapely buds with smoky edges.

The price that celebrities pay for fame is nothing compared to the highs. Imagine having a rose named after you! If you’re an admirer of any of these stars, having a rose plant named after them in your garden, would make the perfect tribute.


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Stressed? Make Flowers Your Best Friend

It is said that, “The Earth laughs in flowers.” The presence of fresh flowers can brighten the gloomiest of days and often helps in bringing a smile of someone’s face. While it is commonly accepted that flowers bring out the best in people, it has now been proved by science that inhaling certain flower fragrances alters gene activity and blood chemistry in ways that reduces stress levels. So before you disregard gifting someone flowers and consider buying flowers a waste of money, think again. Below are listed flowers that will help you destress.

Dried lavender is said to have aided in healing sleep disorders for centuries. The easiest way to bring it into practice is by sewing it into pillows or placing it in vases in your bedroom.

In ancient Egypt, Daisies were inhaled commonly for healing the body of illnesses. If consumed with tea it aids to calm anxiety, headaches and induces sleep.

Flower Therapy

Evening Primose
Evening Primose is known to ease depression and balance hormones.

Roses naturally smell sweet and are used to convey warm greetings. The smell of roses are said to have a calming effect.

While we’ve handpicked Lavenders, Chamomiles, Daisies and Roses to help you relieve stress, all flowers that smell sweet, are said to have healing properties and can be used to relieve stress.

Simple things like tucking a flower bud behind your ear or into your pocket if you’re a guy, making a simple wreath, or headband out of little flowers, and adding a dash of style to your otherwise boring wardrobe by circling a garland of fresh flowers around your wrist, can add color to your otherwise mundane existence.

So it isn’t simply said that one must stop and smell the roses. So go ahead and buy yourself the next bouquet of flowers you see.


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Single or Not, Here are 14 Reasons Why Valentine’s Day is Awesome

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Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is celebrated by lovers only. Says who? There’s no harm in slightly tweaking traditions now, is there?  The festival in question here celebrates love, and love has been breaking traditions for centuries together. So why not give Valentine’s Day a whole new meaning?
We’ve observed that single men and women look at Valentine’s Day scornfully. But in actuality, there’s no reason to do so. Whether you’re single or not, here’s are 14 reasons why Valentine’s Day is awesome.

Valentine blog


Apart from birthdays and anniversaries and festivals, Valentine’s Day gives you another reason to receive and give gifts to people. The joy in gifting and receiving gifts is unrivaled, so bask in it.

2.Quality Time

Days come and go. We wake up, go to our respective offices catch up with our loved one’s on holidays. But on Valentine’s Day people take special efforts to plan their day out well for their loved ones. Nothing quite matches up to spending a day spent well with the person you adore.

3.Exclusive Day Of Love

Through out the year, we do things that time and again prove our love to someone. We also tell them how much they mean to us. But all of this is done in between life. But Valentine’s Day makes loving someone and expressing love, doubly special, simply because it’s a day that exclusively celebrates love.

4.PDA Galore

PDA on Valentine’s Day is extra special. Almost everybody in love show it. Although it might be a little difficult for Singles to digest this, sometimes it’s a good idea to be happy in the happiness of others. Even if you’re bitterly single, the sight of watch an aged couple, walking hand and hand on a street, will surely make your heart melt.

5.Taking Special Efforts To Find That Perfect Gift

From looking up several online shopping websites to taking advice from friends and experienced lovers, it’s adorable to watch lovers search for the perfect gift for their special someone.

6.Kids In Love

Regardless of how immature or mushy it may be for your taste, when you look at young, school-going  teenagers, especially kids in love, you can’t help but go all “aww” over them.

7.The Excitement Before Planning The Day

Nothing matches the excitement one feels whilst planning V-Day. You feel anxious because you want to make sure your partners loves, what you give them.

8.Overlooking the Fights You’ve Had

It’s a day that you consciously overlook all the fights you have had in the past and forgive each other, making your relationship stronger than ever before.

9. A Little bit of Valentine’s Day, everyday

Valentine’s Day makes you realize that if you would give even a fragment of the love you shower on your partner on V-Day on a regular basis, your love-relationship would be nothing short of a dream.

10. Perks of being Single

If you’re single, Valentine’s Day isn’t any less special. You don’t have to gift anybody anything. In fact you could buy yourself a gift.

11. No Guilt Trips

If you’re single, you don’t have to take any efforts to please anybody or make sure that special one, likes what you gift them. All you got to do is, sit back and relax, guilt free.

12. Go Explore

You aren’t in a love-relationship or anything that’s close to it. So what? Go ahead, have your share of fun, meet more people, get to know them. You have the exclusive privilege to go tell multiple people that you love them, and get away with it.

13. Narcissism Encore

Love yourself. You cannot love anybody else, unless you love yourself enough. Pamper yourself, go shopping, do whatever you like and do it for yourself, do it because you like doing it.


Think about all the money you saved because you didn’t have anyone else to please this Valentine’s, buy something that you have wanted to buy out of that saved money.

So you see, whether you’re single, in-a-relationship or married, Valentine’s Day will remain an awesome day regardless of the flak it receives from cynics. Still confused about what to gift your Valentine, go to www.flora2000.com and choose from an entire range of original and gorgeous gifting options.

We hope you have a love-filled Valentine’s, this year.


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What would life be without pictures? Pictures play such an important role in our lives. Right from the time we first set foot into this world to the day we carry our grandchildren in our arms; we cannot help but be caught on camera. While pictures of our teenage years may leave us red cheeked, they’ll always remain a cherished property. Keeping the eternal relationship between people and 35mm and the Valentine’s season in mind, we’re running the Cutest Couple Contest on our Facebook page.

couple-rezsized copy

It doesn’t matter how young or old you are. All we want are cute pictures of you and your beau. All entries from your high school prom photo to your 60th Wedding anniversary photo, are welcome. Send in your entries to contest@flora2000.com and we will have them published on our Facebook page. What’s more, if you get the maximum number of likes, you will win a Valentine’s gift hamper, and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Why participate in this contest you ask?

Our answer is, simply, because it’s fun and while you’re at it, you stand a fair chance to win a gift hamper. So why not participate?

If you think you two look cuter than Mickey and Minnie, then send in your entries and let the world have a glimpse of your cuteness.

Just to make this entire exercise more fun, you can follow some of the cheat codes below:

Keep it sentimental: Make sure that your picture has a sentimental value to it. Honest emotions always work.

Share with a fun tagline: Share the original link of your picture on our contest page and share it on each of your Facebook walls, preferably with a fun tagline. Something like, “Spread some love this Valentine’s, like our picture and share it too.”

Request your friends to share: Tag your friends, in your picture. Make sure you tag your friends who won’t really mind being tagged and drop them a personal message asking them to share it on their respective Facebook walls.

Share on other social media platforms: If you’re active on other social media platforms like Twitter and Google plus, share the link to your picture. And voila, you’re sure to top the charts!

Repost: Keep re-posting your own picture, everyday. Once people understand that you seriously want to win this one, the chances of them sharing your picture increases.

We’re accepting entries for the Flora2000′s Cutest Couple Facebook Contest till February 13, 2014. However we suggest you to send in your pictures right away to contest@flora2000.com, as it will give you more time for promotions. May the cutest couple win!


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