The Ultimate Friendship Day Gift Guide: A Color For Every Friend

Friendship, they say is one of the most precious gifts to mankind. Friends add life and color to our mundane existence. This Friendship Day, these very people certainly deserve to be surprised! We’ve made a list of different kind of floral arrangements that’ll suit different kind of friends.

Yellow Flowers For The Fun and Funny Friend


There is an air of positivity around these people. They’re never run down by the challenges that life throws at them. They are the first people you go to when you’re facing a crisis. You know that they’ll turn your gloomiest day into a sunny one. So rightfully, your sunny friend deserves a yellow floral arrangement. Yellow stands for sunshine and hope.

Pink Flowers For The Mum or Mother Figure


We all need that one friend we can rest our shoulder and cry on. The one that plays second to no one but mum itself. He or she has an aura of warmth and motherly love. He/She will correct you when you’re wrong and will encourage you when you need it. Pink is a color that stands for attachment, affection and tenderness. A pink bouquet is exactly what will serve as the perfect gift for this friend.

Orange Flowers For The Inspiring Friend


When you’re low on inspiration and energy, this is the friend you look up to. They’re up and out there, facing the challenges of life like a pro. Even the briefest moment spent with them is enough to get you up and going. They’re the kinds that instil a fire in you and inspire you to do something other than the ordinary. Orange is a passionate hue that symbolizes energy and fire.

Red Flowers For The Friend You Love


One of the best things to happen to you is you falling in love with your best friend. This is the kind of friend you simply love, despite their flaws and he/she loves you back. They’re simply the one for you. Red stands for love, passion and joy. It’s the most apt color for a floral surprise for the friend you love.

Purple Flowers For The Star Of A Friend


If you have a friend like this, then it’s farewell time for all of your life’s problems. They are the talk of the town, well connected and funny and the kind that own the dinner table. These friends are your veto cards, the kind that’ll bail you out of life’s most difficult or awkward situation. Purple is a color that stands for royalty and for the power these friends’ posses. So gift them a royal floral arrangement.

Now that you have identified your friends with these colors, don’t shy away from making it a special Friendship Day for each one of them. In the age of online flower delivery services you can select the flowers online. No matter where in the world they are, you can make use of online flower delivery services to have the flowers of your choice shipped across countries. We sincerely hope you and your friends have a splendid Friendship Day.


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5 Parents’ Day Gifts That Money Can’t Buy

Your parents gave you the best, the least you can do is gift them something that will be anything but ordinary.

However there are only 2 days to Parents’ Day and you possibly haven’t even zeroed down on a gift as yet. We understand that you lead busy lives and we’re here for you. We’ve made a list of 5 gifting options that will have your parents smiling from ear to ear.

1.Give Them A Tight Hug

Closeup of an attractive young woman embracing her grandfather from backThis may sound silly, but there’s medical proof that hugging releases the hormone called oxytocin, that has a feel good effect. So hug them as much as you can.

2.Do The Day’s Chores For Them

BFrom doing the dishes, laundry, dusting, or simply running the lawn mower, do the day’s chores for them. Let them enjoy a day off at least once in a year.

3.Spend The Day With Them

spending time with familtThey’re the only people who love you unconditionally. The most precious gift that you can give them is time. Spend the day with them, doing nothing. They’ll love you having you around.

4.Frame A Note

Thank-You-Card460x300Frame a heartfelt and handwritten note that tells your parents how special they are. They’ll love it!

5.Precious Memories

photosBurn a CD that contains precious memories of your time spent with them. They chose to be your parents, it was something they looked forward to. When you are away, they can refresh their memories with this CD.

These ideas are great, but just to add a touch magic to them, you can choose a few things we’ve handpicked for a special Parents’ Day surprise. From chocolate towers, goodie baskets, bright floral arrangements, to delicious cakes we have it all. International flower delivery and online flower delivery services will do the job for you. We hope you along with your parents have a memorable Parents’ Day.


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10 Must-See Exotic Flowers From The World

Sit back and treat your eyes to exotic flowers from the world over. They’re beautiful and they’re rare. Consider yourself lucky if you ever get to see them in person. You can send flowers to Italy, send flowers to Japan and send flowers to Australia.

African Daisy
This flower has a graphic structure that’s very uncommon amongst other daisies.

African_daisy_with_studio_lightingThe buds grow into flowers that are up to 4 inches in length.

Bird of Paradise Flower
This flower is named Bird Of Paradise because of its resemblance to the Bird of Paradise.

bluebirdIn South Africa, it’s featured on the reverse of the 50 cent coin.

Turbinicarpus Pseudopectinatus
Turbinicarpus Pseudopectinatus is far beautiful than its complicated and unaesthetic name.

complicated nameIt’s a flower from the Cactaceae family. Its natural habitats are temperate forests and hot deserts.


proteaThis beautiful and exotic Protea flower grows on the slopes of Haleakala.

Wolffia Globosa

smallest flowerCommonly known as Asian watermeal, the Wolffia Globosa is so small that it is almost impossible for the naked eye to tell if it has blossomed. It measures 0.1-0.2 mm in diameter and floats on water. It’s native to Asia and Australia.

Monkey Orchid

monkey orchidThis orchid, which has an obvious resemblance to monkeys, comes from the south-eastern Ecuadorian and Peruvian cloud forests. These forests are at an elevation of 1000 to 2000 meters hence not too many people have sighted this exotic species of orchids.

Parrot Flower

parrot_flowerNative to Thailand, this amazing flower resembles a parrot quite vividly.

Aechmea Fasciata

aechetaAechmea Fasciata is native to Brazil. It’s beautiful and it’s surprisingly a house plant.

Egret Orchid

White Egret Orchid pictureChina, Japan, Korea and Russia play host to this dazzling Orchid, which resembles an Egret quite clearly.

Bird’s Head Orchid

birds head
This Orchid looks like it has a little bird’s head guarding the nectar on the flower. If you happen to visit Southwest Balkans, Greece, Turkey, Iran & Iraq, you may spot it.

If you ever happen to spot any of these flowers, make sure you have a picture clicked. If you think we’ve missed out on exotic flowers, please feel free to mention them in the comment box below.


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Easy and Elegant 4th of July Decorations

Someone I knew made it a point to decorate his house no matter what the occasion was. Although that required him to take out time from his busy schedule, he still did it. His reasons were simple, he never wanted to miss out on a chance to add color to his life.

The closest opportunity for you to add color to your house is 4th of July. All of America will be celebrating this epic day and we’ve thought of a few ways in which you can add to the celebrations in your own way.

A family that prays together stays together. Same rule applies to eating together.

napkin2The simplest way to set the theme right for 4th of July is to set your dining table up with the colors of freedom. Instead of your usual napkins, use napkins that are of solid reds, blues and whites.

Buy loose red, white and blue flowers of your choice and set them up in little pots near your window sill.

window sillsLet the stars of freedom shine bright on your grass in your garden. Sprinkle water into a star shaped stencil placed on the grass.

starsFill up the shape with flour. Remove the stencil and continue adding more stars.

Planning to serve cupcakes? After you’ve frosted the cupcakes add red and blue sprinkles.

Wrap tiny flags around bottles. What a wonderful way to add to the spirit of 4th of July.
No 4th of July celebration is complete without having a beautiful floral bouquet of red, blue and white placed in the center of your living room.

bouquet2You can buy flowers online for a reasonable price hereOnline flower delivery services like do a great job at timely deliveries and offer great deals.

Another way to deck up your dining table is to place red flowers in blue tinted bottles. Have this placed on a white table cloth.

flagYou can alternate between using red tinted bottles and white flowers and a blue table cloth, in order to best camouflage food stains.

If you tried any of our suggestions then please share pictures of the same with us. It’ll make our day to see our ideas taking shape. Also if you have any more ideas please feel free to share them in the comment box below.


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8 Beautiful Places You Won’t Believe Exist

The Earth is full of awe-inspiring places that are being discovered everyday! When you see a breath-taking picture, you instantly feel that it maybe “photo shopped”. But we’ve made a list of place that you must visit! These places are so unbelievably beautiful, they’ll make you doubt their existence.

1.Hitachi Seasisde Park


An absolutely beautiful place, especially during spring and autumn! A must visit if you’re in Japan in that time!

2.Canola Flower Fields China


Being at the Canola Flower Fields is like witnessing a “golden sea” of Canola flowers!

3.Red Beach, Panjin China

red beachA one of a kind beach, that is covered in red instead of sand. The phenomena is caused by a type of sea weed called Sueda. It grows during April and May and later stays green during the summer. It starts to turn red in autumn.

4.Shibazakura Flowers, Takinoue Park, Japan

Yet another gem from Japan. This park is famous for famous for the tiny pink moss flowers that spead across acres of land.

5.Wisteria Flower Tunnel In Japan

The spectacular Wisteria Garden, in Kitakyushu, Japan is another example of Japanese architecture.

6.Nature is a wonderful artist and this street in Bonn, Germany is proof of it.

bonnSuch beautiful Cherry Blossoms.

7.Lavender Fields, France
Walking into the aromas of lavenders is nothing short of bliss.

Beautiful-Lavender-Fields-Of-France (2)

These fields bloom from June to August around the Mont-Ventoux, in the region of Sault and that of Valréas.

8.Tulip Fields in Netherlands

tulip-fields-netherlands-birds-eye-viewDuring spring, the striking colors of the flowering tulip bulbs are a charming sight. From afar they look like flags.

Beauty is an understatement to describe the wealth of nature. If you think we’ve missed out on anything feel free to add them in the nature box. We’d be more than happy to feature it here!


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10 Mouth-Watering Cake Ideas For July Birthdays

Bored of the same old birthday cakes? Looking forward to try something new?
Caution: What you’re about to see now might make you go on a cake eating spree.

It’s time to stop counting your calories and sink your teeth into some delicious cakes. Presentation is everything, so we’ve made sure that your cakes don’t just taste good, they look mind-blowingly good too.

Make sure you read the whole article, we’ve saved the best for the last.

1. Do you have cookie cutters handy at home?

cookie cutter

If yes, then you can use them to make a design out of sprinkles. Crunchy and yum!

2.Instead of regular frosting, caramelize the butter to make it taste different.


3. . Keep guilty pleasures at bay! Add fresh fruits to your cake.

fresh fruitThat way you get to get to eat healthy too.

4. An easier method of frosting is to microwave ready-to-use frost and gently pour it over the cake for super easy and sleek frosting.

chocolat frost

5.Celebrating birthdays in the summer?

flowers on cakeTop up your frosting with flowers, or maybe rose petals. You can eat them too.

6. And for those who love Banana Splits… give them a birthday cake they never expected to see.

banana splitA cake with a banana split as a topping! *heavy breathing*

7. Try this for something new.

no frosting on topLeave the sides of your cake unfrosted. a. It’s less work. b. It looks classy!

8.Look at that delicious frost!

frost cakeIf you want to make frosting an easy task, begin with lot of it on the top and careful smoothen it out from the center to cover it’s sides. Saveur it here.

9.When you’ve run out of ideas.

sprinkle on cakeDon’t stress, just sprinkle your way to a yummilicious cake.

10.Your baby is going to turn 3 years old and you want to do something different yet easy in the name of baking?

bundt cakesThis hack is easy as easy gets. Put two Bundt cakes together and viola! you have a cake shaped as 3. Deck them up with M & M’s.

Hah! Knew you would scroll down to see the best hacks first. Tricked ya’. We’ve put them in a random order. Hope you enjoy your read. In case you wish to make it extra special, send them a beautiful bouquet of flowers through online flower delivery. There are several websites that undertake international flower delivery as well. For any comments or suggestions feel free to post in the comment box below. Also make sure you make all your future birthdays special.


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6 Father’s Day Gifts That Cost Nothing Or Very Less

Dads are awesome! They work hard, so you can have a better life. They tell you that they’re okay (even when they’re not), to lessen your worries. They love you unconditionally and only wish that you have a good life and stay happy. Tough dads act tough, because they want you to make it big. Not for their benefit, but for yours. How often do you take time out to make him feel special? If you haven’t done that in a long time, you should probably do it this Father’s Day.


We’ve listed below simple things that you can do for dad to make his special day, doubly special.
A day before Father’s Day, ask your mum to take dad out for a day while you play secret Santa at home.

Clean The House
Your dad is old and his vision isn’t as good as it used to be. Also cleaning isn’t the most fun activity to do.

The chances of the house being a mess and terribly dusty are very high. Clean the house for him. Be sure you keep things exactly where they are, you don’t want dad to go on a search once he’s back.

Fix Things
In one of the many conversations you’ve had with him, he must’ve told you that something needs fixing.

tool kit
Maybe the plumbing isn’t right, the fridge isn’t working right, the washing machine leaks, the doors are creaky, or maybe the rails on his deck are loose. Whatever it is, get all of it fixed.

Paint His Walls

painted wall
Who doesn’t love a bright wall? You know his favourite part of the house, have it painted with his favourite color. He’ll love it.

lawn mower
You can ride his lawn mower for a day. Dad would love it, if it’s off his to-do list.

Surprise Him

Surprise him with his favorite meal for dinner. He’ll love it. Decorate the table with flowers and candles. It’ll be the perfect surprise.

Promise Him
Promise him that you’ll come to visit him as often as you can, to grant him a mini-vacation for a day. Keep the promise.

The only thing dad really expects of you is to spend some time with him. You can certainly do this much for a man who gave his all to keep you happy. Don’t forget to make it a special Father’s Day for him this year. In case you really can’t make it, the least you can do is send flowers, so that he knows that you remember him. Whether your dad is in the Philippines or in the United States, online flower delivery services will have your flowers delivered.


Send Flowers to U.S.A.

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Top 5 Father’s Day Gifts For Dad

Here’s your chance to show dad how much you care for him and appreciate all he’s done for you. And it’s because he never asks for anything, he doubly deserves to be surprised this and every Father’s Day. No matter where in the world dad is, we’ll make sure, your love and appreciation reaches him. Choosing gifts for dads is tough. So we’ve hand-picked a few gift items, that every dad will love!

Davidoff Cool Water

Daughters know that it’s important for their man to smell good, because they remember that their dad smelt great! And as for sons, they knew that it was important to smell good, because their dad taught them to. Complete with strong Bergamot and fresh Peppermint, Lavender and Rosemary, green Galbanum and fruity Pineapple and fresh flowers like Violet, Jasmine, Honeysuckle and Orange Blossom, hints of Sandal, Cedar and Oakmoss and the spice of Coriander and Juniper, this fragrance has its masculinity right. Davidoff Cool Water is the perfect fragrance for dad. Buy it here.

Chocolate Mousse Torte Cake

“I dislike sinking my teeth into a cake that tastes like little bites of heaven”, said no dad ever! Two rich, chocolate cake layers that are filled with luscious chocolate whipped cream mousse, then covered with milk chocolate frosting and a dark chocolate glaze, this cake comes straight from the kitchen of heaven. The succulence of this luscious cake doesn’t end here. The cake is garnished with fudge rosettes and dark chocolate shaves. Buy it here.

Floral Surprise

Surprises are the best part about gifting. A gift isn’t a gift, if it isn’t a surprise. Haven’t spoken to dad in the longest time? When words fail to express your true feelings, let flowers do the talking. This beautiful arrangement of snowy Asiatic lilies,white roses, creamy carnations , white button spray chrysanthemums and white spray roses set off with fresh greenery. One look at the floral surprise and dad won’t have any words to describe how much happiness he felt. Buy it here. You can send flowers to Australia and send flowers to USA by going to our website and choosing the arrangement of your choice. Buy it here.

A Date With Cookies and Coffee

The aroma of coffee brewing and fresh scrumptious hazelnut, walnut and almond tea cookies is something that very few will be able to resist. For dads who love their cuppa coffee, as the sun sets down, this works as the perfect gift. Buy it here.

Classic Father’s Day Gift Basket

If you’re not too sure of the gifts we mentioned above, this is one gift that will surely work. Dads love their time in the moonlight with a glass of wine. This gift basket has everything that Dad needs to make his Father’s Day a memorable one. It features, Briar Creek Cellars chardonnay, medium-bodied with green apple, pineapple and papaya flavors, and cabernet sauvignon with black cherry and cassis flavors along with complementary items like Grapevine Trading sea salt olive oil crackers, merlot cheddar cheese spread, Napa Valley honey mustard pretzels, Nonni’s mozzarella cheese swirls, a wine stopper and Truffettes de France French chocolate truffles dusted with cocoa powder. We’re already out of breath! You can buy this hamper here. Buy it here.

Liked our suggestions? Disliked our suggestions? Think you have better gifts to suggest? Put it all in the comment box below, we’re eager to know what you think. And don’t forget 15th June is Father’s Day. Make it special.


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5 Father’s Day Gifts He’ll Love

Dads only act all mature when they’re with you. But in reality, they’re still boys, who love their toys. Father’s Day is on June 15th, and you don’t want to miss surprising your old man. We’ve compiled a list of wacky gifts that will astonish him as much as it will make him happy. These gifts are particularly for dads who love to garden.

8-in-1 Pocket Weather Station 418

weatherIt’s spring, and the gardener in your dad has worked hard putting in all the precious plants together. But you can’t predict nature and its ways. Well maybe you can, with the Weather Station 418 you can know the forecast, temperature and humidity as well. So here is one gift your dad will truly love! If this doesn’t please him, then you can go the traditional way send flowers online, through the international flower delivery business.

House Plant


Dads, who love gardening, will definitely love to have an indoor plants as well. Croton plants are a great choice for indoor plants as they’re eye-catching. With their bright leaves in vibrant shades of green, red, orange and yellow, Crotons add a decorative touch to any room. You can buy it here.

Zinc Rain Gauge


For dad’s who wish to monitor the amount of rain in their garden, this one’s the perfect gift. The gauge measures rainfall and gives you an idea of how much more water your garden needs.

Uncommon Goods’ Gardeners Seat

gardners bagThis is the perfect present for dads who love to spend hours in the garden. This chair combines the features of a tool bag and a folding chair. It’s made of lightweight steel and water-resistant nylon. The bag detaches easily from the frame via hook-and-loop fasteners and has two carrying handles, 21 pockets for different sized tools.

Sprout Pencil


Nothing will astonish your dad more than this gift. This is one gift that believes in the policy of ultimate utilization of resources. Instead of throwing your pencil stubs away, you can plant them and have them grown into something delicious, beautiful, or simply grown into something fun. Sprout is a pencil with a seed inside. When it’s too short to use, it can be planted wherever. The best bit; it comes in a variety of flowers, herbs and vegetables.

Now that we’ve made it easy for you, go ahead and plan a surprise for dad this Father’s Day. Father’s Day is on 15th June, plan your surprise now, you don’t want to be late.


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10 Wow Facts About Flowers

They say that flowers are the most beautiful living things to inhabit the earth. By their mere presence they spread cheer and positive vibes. Every flower has a quality that’s worth admiring and a long illustrious history that’s worth being in awe of. We’ve listed 10 facts that are will surprise you, shock you and possibly amuse you as well.


1. There are more than 2,50,000 species of flowering plants in the world.


Talk about flower domination!

2. Roses are related to apples, raspberries, cherries, peaches, plums, nectarines, pears and almonds.roses Fascinating, ain’t it?

3.Tulip bulbs were more valuable than gold in Holland in the 1600s.

If only life were this simple.

4.Ancient civilizations burned aster leaves to ward off evil spirits.

aster leaves

So now you know what needs to be done, in case you experience something paranormal.

5. Tulip bulbs can be substituted for onions in a recipe.

tulip bulns Remember this, the next time you run out of onions. ;)

6. The largest flower in the world is the titan arums, which produces flowers that are 10 feet high and 3 feet wide.

Titan-arum1web The flowers smell of decaying flesh and are also known as corpse flowers, as pictured at the top of this post. Taking smelly flowers to another level.

7.Scientists discovered the world’s oldest flower in 2002, in northeast China.

The flower, named Archaefructus sinensis, bloomed around 125 million years ago and resembles a water lily.

8.Moon flowers bloom only at night, closing during the day.

moon-flowers-8-1024x769They could be called vampire flowers too, just for fun sake.

9.During the Middle Ages, lady’s mantle was thought to have magic healing properties.

ladys If only life were this simple, once again. delivers the widest range of floral arrangements to over 190 countries. So when are you gifting your next bouquet? You can send flowers to USA, or send flowers to UK. We deliver across the globe, all you got to do is choose. :)

Got some other interesting fact about flowers? Share them with us in the comment box.


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