Thousands of dollars and never ending hours are invested in home decor annually in an effort to build a relaxing space which echoes a person’s individuality. Floral arrangements have always been among the finest methods to say what you wish to close friends, family members, and other significant folks in your life. Here are two styles that are extremely popular over the world when it comes to indoor floral arrangements.

The Contemporary Style

For many people, the magnetic attraction to modern flower arrangements lies within the ultra-smooth and hip impact they first make. Others are drawn to the simplicity and clean lines, which they find most eye-catching. Every part of the arrangement, from the vase to the colors to the accent components are carefully designed to create a look that is unforgettable. Truthfully, there are a wide range of factors that make modern arrangements so aesthetically and emotionally appealing. Modern floral decors and arrangements present simple lines, excellent aesthetic appeal, and elegant color schemes which are perfect in each and every way. From rare flowers and stylish color themes to unique vases and additions, contemporary arrangements are the ultimate choice for home décor.

Modern Floral Arrangement

In a nutshell concentrate on:

  • Simple lines
  • Stylish color themes
  • Rare flowers
  • Unique vases and additions

to achieve a contemporary style arrangement at home.

The Victorian Style

Victorian style decorating is admired by many people, as it is decorative, classic and never goes out of fashion. If you are considering decorating your home with a Victorian theme, you may find that the decorating process is even easier than expected.

Flowers of different size and shape are massed together without a center of interest. Flowers trail over the rim and ferns and grasses are also used. Nosegays (tussie mussies) are extremely popular. Designs are evocative of emotion and drama. Victorian flower baskets or arrangements, as a whole are compact, circular in design, with almost equal proportion of plant material to the size of the container.

Tussy Mussy

Victorian decorating often uses large amounts of flowers in the design. Roses, Peonies and Baby’s Breath placed in large, ornate vases are appropriate for a Victorian inspired living room.

Throw pillows that feature floral patterns can add to the Victorian feel of your living room, as well.

In a nutshell concentrate on:

  • Compact and circular arrangement of flowers
  • Use roses, peonies and baby’s breath
  • Volume of flowers should be equal or more than volume of the vase
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