Valentine’s Day Tips: 5 Magical Ideas By Flora2000 To Rekindle Romance

“ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE!” Valentine’s Day is coming soon and it’s time to rekindle your romance and woo her. Dear Men – You do want to prove your love to her & make her realize your feelings – right?

So here are 5 wonderful ideas from Flora2000 that would help you rekindle your romance this Valentine’s!


Spend-some-romantic-time-with-herWhen was the last time the two of you went on a romantic date? Don’t remember?  This season of love, plan a romantic date and let her know how much you value the time spent with her. You may arrange a date at a beautiful sea facing restaurant or keep it as simple as a candle light dinner in your backyard. Make sure you decorate the place beautifully to get a smile on her face.


Cook-for-herBelieve it or not, when men cook, it is a big turn on for women! Women love it when their partners cook for them, whatever it be, and however it might turn out. She values what you cook for her not because it tastes delicious but because you made it for her. She values the sentiment.


Gift-herOkay so this might seem a bit common, but trust me guys, gifts do a lot to recreate magic in one’s lost romance. Women absolutely love being gifted and it doesn’t matter to her what you gift. Be it something as magnificent as a diamond ring or even a simple greeting card, she will value it with all her heart! To leave her spellbound, you can try making personalized gifts such as a romantic video or a photo collage of your pictures when you were dating.


Surprise-herYes, as much as women love gifts, they love surprises! You can surprise her by writing a love letter or even listing down 10 things you simply love about her. You may prepare a card that hosts your best memories or simply send her pretty Valentine’s Day flowers. Either way, she’ll feel your love for sure!


Do-something-unexpectedThis can be a bit of a challenge. But, if you do it right, this Valentine’s Day will surely be one of the most special and memorable ones for her! For instance, if you are taking her out on a date in your car, keep some rose petals or a simple note saying ‘I Love You’ on the sun visor of the passenger seat. Once she is in the car, tell her that her makeup has smudged a bit. As soon as she pulls the sun visor down, BAM… the flower petals and the note fall on her face. Now that’s something any and every woman will love for sure!

If you have more such exciting ideas to rekindle romance this Valentine’s, do share with us in the comment box below.


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