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The seventh-largest country in Africa & Luanda as it’s capital, here flower gifting is only really practiced in the urban areas. If you are invited to an Angolan home don’t forget to bring Fruit, Flowers or Chocolates for the host. It's important to keep cultural differences in mind when sending flowers to Angola.

Welwitschia is the National Flower of Angola however the most preferred flowers for gifting are Carnations, Lilies & Roses. Gifts are generally not expected, but are welcomed. Gifts will probably be opened immediately. It's important to keep cultural differences in mind when selecting a gift. Lubango Festival Muxima Pilgrimage Sumbe Music Festival Luanda Island Feast Angola Carnival are some of the famous festivals in Angola.
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How do i send International Flower Delivery to Angola?

Flora2000 has transformed International flower delivery to Angola into a fine and effortless art. With our efficient flowers & gifs delivery services worldwide; you are sure to find the perfect expression of your message to your loved ones. Be it Roses, Lilies, Carnations or Cakes, our gifts are sure to make both the sender and the receiver happy. We make sure the gifts you give reflects what you feel about the receiver.

Check The Best Reasons And Occasions To Send Flowers To Angola!

If you know someone in Angola and would want to send a special gift, nothing really beats flowers. This African country is charming in unusual ways, and the culture here is highly influenced by the Portuguese traditional. Angola’s dominant religion is Christianity, so Christmas is a great time to celebrate. You can also send flowers to Angola for other special occasions, including New Years Eve. Angolans appreciate flowers as a token of gift for most special days.

Best occasions to send flowers to Angola

Angola Carnival. Easily the most colorful and fun festivals celebrated here, the Angola Carnival is an ultimate time to party and celebrate with friends and family. It typically falls in February, but traditionally, it happens on last Thursday of Lenten season. If you are not here, you can send warm regards through special gifts. Angola florists will happily do a delivery.

Local festivals. Like in other parts of Africa, there are many local festivals in Angola. Lubango Festival, for instance, happens in August, while Luanda Island Feast is celebrated in November. While these are more gathering-based festivals, flowers are usually the right gift from afar.

Christmas. Angolans are mostly Christians, so it is not surprising that they celebrate Christmas like other western countries. Sending gifts, sharing warm greetings, and having family lunches and dinners are common among locals. You can choose to book flowers to Angola for someone special a week before Christmas to get assured delivery.

Other occasions. Internationally important days, such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Woman's Day, are also celebrated in Angola. You can send flowers like roses, lavender alstroemeria, and daisies, which are well-appreciated and loved by locals. Flowers are also common sent during the entire last week of December, like everywhere else. You can mark the New Years Eve for someone by ordering flower delivery to Angola. Valentine's Day is a great occasion to express love, and Angolans do celebrate the day of love in their own ways.

Funerals. Sympathy flowers are valued in Angola, and typically, a white mix is preferable for a graceful goodbye to someone. You can also consider subtle touch of colors. If the person had a very happy and happening life, a bouquet of white and red roses is the best pick. Angolans have funerals as per Christian communities, and many families will hold a prayer meet after a few days. You can send flowers directly to the funeral, on the special meet, or both.

Birthdays and anniversaries. It is also common to send anniversary and birthday flowers. Most florists here can arrange for the kind of bouquet or design you need, depending on the seasonal flowers available.

Placing an order to deliver flowers to Angola doesn’t have to be complicated, thanks to online florists, who have made it easy to gift on special days. Just try and book in advance, especially if you are planning to send flowers during Christmas time or around local celebrations. Angolans appreciate and value emotions more than the gift.
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