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The Golden Lily is a symbol of the Bosnian Kingdom and Bosnia. If you are invited to someone’s home in Bosnia bring a small gift like a bunch of flowers, coffee, wine or chocolates. If gifting flowers be sure that the bouquet counts to an odd number of flowers. Here even numbers of flowers are given at funerals.


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How do i send International Flower Delivery to Bosnia Herzegovina?

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Occasions to Send Flowers in Bosnia And Herzegovina

Bosnia Herzegovina is a beautiful and breathtaking land in Europe. Their culture is equally beautiful and a visit there will reveal how welcoming the locals would make you feel. A trip to any place feels all the more beautiful when you run into friendly locals. If you are planning to visit this hidden gem or considering sending a gift to someone residing there, having an idea of their flower gifting culture would come in handy.

Gifting flowers in Bosnia Herzegovina:

Flowers are an important part of their culture and celebrations. Gift giving is also taken seriously there and people exchange gifts often be it any special occasion or meeting at a friend/ relative’s place for dinner or a business meeting. You can send flowers to Bosnia Herzegovina residents by ordering online. There are a wide variety of flowers to choose from.

Make sure the bouquet you choose has odd number of flowers if you are gifting it for any happy occasion. The natives find flowers to be a symbol of elegance and simplicity. If it’s a special day of your loved one, arrange a flower delivery to Bosnia Herzegovina and brighten their day. There’s a sense of vibrancy with bouquets. Flowers are much better than any other gifts and serve a special reminder for days to come.

Visiting a Bosnian home?

If you are invited to a Bosnian friend’s home, you can expect outstanding hospitality. Arrive at their doorstep with flowers as a sign of gratitude. Avoid roses since they are usually associated with romantic connotation and are seen as Valentine’s Day flowers. Some couple wine with flowers but Bosnia Herzegovina has a fair share of Muslim population where alcohol is a big NO. Avoid taking alcohol or pork products when visiting Muslim homes.

Occasions that isn’t complete without flowers in Bosnia Herzegovina:

Sarajevo Ramadan: Bosnia Herzegovina comprised of 52% Muslims. This festival is held annually in the month of Ramzan and involves many programs. After Ramzan people exchange gifts. You could send flowers to Bosnia Herzegovina to your Muslim friends there during the month of Ramzan.

Krsna Slava: This is a religious custom celebrated by Serbs belonging to the orthodox Christian community for centuries. Families gather together for an elaborately cooked meal. You can send flowers during the occasion as a mark of respect to their culture.

Valentine’s Day: Couples celebrate the day spending time with each other and exchange flowers. The choice of flowers for Bosnians is red roses or bright tulips on Valentine’s Day. They feel bright and bold flower colors send the message of passion and commitment loudly.

Mother’s Day: The bond between mom and her children remains unmatchable. Bosnians are family-oriented and try ways to make the day extra-special for their mom. Many prefer gifting bouquet of lilies since lilies are associated with nobility and pride of mind.

Christmas: The entire place goes into festive mood on Christmas. Catholics celebrate it on December 25th while Orthodox celebrates it on January 7th since they follow Julian calendar. People attend midnight and exchange flowers and gifts during the day.

Funerals: When offering wreaths or bouquets on funerals, the flower arrangement should contain an even number of flowers. If you aren’t able to make it to a funeral, you can choose from the wide range of funeral arrangements & sympathy flowers online and Bosnia Herzegovina florists will deliver it for you.
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