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The Vietnam Collection The world's most sought after luxury floral ensembles are now available in a vase near you at surprisingly affordable prices and with an extended array of Gifts! Featuring international brands, sleek designs, clean cuts, and elegant accessories - our chic international ensembles have been thoughtfully crafted to suit urban sensibilities. Gift in style and choose from our vast collection of Flowers, Hampers, Soft Toys, Perfumes etc.

How do i send International Flower Delivery to Vietnam?

Flora2000 has transformed International flower delivery to Vietnam into a fine and effortless art. With our efficient flowers & gifs delivery services worldwide; you are sure to find the perfect expression of your message to your loved ones. Be it Roses, Lilies, Carnations or Cakes, our gifts are sure to make both the sender and the receiver happy. We make sure the gifts you give reflects what you feel about the receiver.

Flowers Gifting Occasions and Events in Vietnam

Vietnamese share gifts on every occasion, even when they pay a visit to a friend. It is a way to show their appreciation and goodwill. The yellow sunflower and rose bouquet can make a great gift for a happy couple as they are starting their new life. Sunflower symbolizes longevity, joy, and happiness. Send flowers to Hanoi Vietnam directly from an online florist store and express an apology for not attending their wedding ceremony. This is a good way to apologize and convey your blessings.

Good Luck & Happiness

Flowers bring happiness and good luck. So, gift a bouquet of colorful flowers to your near ones on their graduation. You get to choose from Peonies, Carnations, and Pink Roses to Orchids. Personalize the graduation gift including chocolates or candies. Gift your friend starting a business with a Pachira money tree or a Pace Lily. It will bring good luck and prosperity.

Adoration And Friendship

Birthday flowers include orchids, lilies, roses, gladiolus, and gerberas. You can even surprise her by sending a hamper that includes a scented candle, chocolates, and a bottle of bubbly along with the bouquet. If you suddenly remembered her birthday and have no time to buy a gift, then you will find online flower delivery to Vietnam, a great option. Before you reach home, your spouse will receive the bouquet and basket of adoration you sent.

On friendship day, you can choose yellow flowers, sunflowers, gladiolus or a mixed flower bouquet. It reveals true and enduring friendship. You can even shower your dancer daughter with flower bouquets after a performance. It shows how proud you feel from her dancing achievements. Lilies, iris, carnations, and roses can convey to the performer your appreciation for their hard work, creativity, pride, elegance, grace, and love.

Make A Day Special For Your Near Ones

Send flowers to Vietnam, from online florist stores.

On Valentine’s Day, send chocolate boxes, teddy bears, candies, gift baskets and special bouquets to the special person in your life.
On Mother’s Day, gift her bouquet of assorted roses. She is very special!
On Christmas, visit your grandmother who adores gardening with a terrarium or a potted plant.
Have artistically designed flower bouquets to your father and show your gratitude on Father’s Day.

Cheer Up and Healing

A bucket of pink roses can lighten and brighten everyone’s mood on those gloomy days. Tulips can shift the mind away from sad situations. Sunflower bouquet sent to someone recovering from illness helps to raise their spirit. It symbolically conveys a message to heal and recover.
Pansies represent loving thoughts. They are bright and bold. They have the potential to pull your sick friend out from the doldrums.

Send Condolences

Sending sympathy flowers is a way to bring comfort to a sad event. It is not easy to express your feelings in words to a person who lost a loved one. Funeral arrangements having fresh flowers with soothing fragrance serve a purpose across the mourning service. You can send a dozen roses or a potted orchid to the grieving family in the weeks after trauma.

Send Sympathy flowers to Vietnam with our Funeral Flower Delivery Service

Losing someone forever is painful news we all go through at some point of our life. When someone you know has suffered a loss, you would like to express your condolences to them. No matter where you live, you can send beautiful sympathy flower arrangements to Vietnam through Flora2000. Our wide variety of white sympathy flowers & a convenient ordering system will make your ordering easy.

What flowers do I send for Sympathy or funeral?

Wreaths – Usually made of White Carnations, White Gerbera Daisies or White Roses. They can be laid on the casket & are a sign of peace and eternal rest. Wreaths made of Purple Orchids & White Carnations or assorted Red Roses; Purple Gerberas & White Carnations are also the preferred choice. Send Wreaths to Vietnam from Flora2000 & pay your respects to the departed one.

A bunch of White Roses – It symbolizes purity, innocence and peace. They make a charming sympathy arrangement. They look more beautiful when combined with White Lilies. Send funeral flowers to Vietnam with our worldwide lower delivery service.

Send White Chrysanthemums – With large flower heads & Yellow centers these gorgeous plants make for a lovely sympathy bouquet. When paired with white roses; they are perfect for funeral ceremonies to convey your sorrow and condolence.

A Peace Lily Plant – A very thoughtful and unique way to say that you sympathize. With shiny big leaves & serrated edges; these White flowers resemble Calla Lilies with their hooded shape.

Asiatic Lilies An arrangement or bouquets of White or Pink Asiatic Lilies can be sent to show your sorrow and sympathy. They can be mixed with White Roses to give an elegant look.
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