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A large country in the heart of Europe the culture here is to gift flowers when visiting a Polish home. Remember to include Chocolates, sweets or wine with flowers. Sending flowers on occasions are birthdays, Anniversaries and Christmas is never missed. It’s important not give yellow chrysanthemums as they are only used for funerals. Make sure to send odd numbers and should be unwrapped before being given to the recipient. 11th November is the national Independence Day & 3rd May is constitution day & flowers are in great demand.
Most of the other beautiful things in life come by in twos and threes, dozens and bunches. There are plenty of roses, stars, sunsets and rainbows but only one mother in the whole world. This Mother’s Day, send heart-warming MOMentos from our specially put together collection; two or three days in a row. Surprise and pamper your mom and make this Mother’s Day an extremely memorable one for her.
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