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With its capital as Paris - called the city of Love & Romance, without flowers the varied culture of France is incomplete. A Frenchmen cannot think of an important occasion without gifting flowers. Well known flowers grow are Lilies, Gourdon Flowers, Purple Flower, Iris Flowers, Rosemary Bush and Cacti Cours Saleya. Iris being the National Flowers. If you have to send flowers in France remember not to send chrysanthemums as these are only used to decorate tombs. Instead select flowers like Gerberas, Lilies, Orchids, Plants or Roses. For a Frenchmen giving flowers as gifts is not a ritual, and is not expected beyond the traditional Birthday, Christmas, Christening, Wedding, or for Housewarming. Red Roses are our bestsellers here as it represents love.
Take your love by surprise and shower him/ her with stunning ensembles, composed harmoniously, all through the Valentine's Week. Serenade over a period of three or two consecutive days. Perhaps, the only module not subject to the law of diminishing returns
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