How to choose the best Valentine Day event near me?

It doesn’t matter whether you are single, coupled up, or someone in between, there are plenty of ideas for the Valentine Day event near me to make your 2022 Valentine Day a fun and memorable one.  A hilarious way to bond with your S.O. or friend would be to take a virtual paint-and-sip together. You can also consider a dirty dancing party as Valentine Day event near me. For song inspirations, try Spotify + Tinder’s Valentine Day playlist.

Valentine Day event near me is all about sweetness. So, deliver a bag of sweet treats for your loved ones. Flora2000 has got some really sweet-chocolaty gifts for you to choose from under $80. You can gift Flora2000 chocolate and sweet gift basket to fill the taste buds of the love of your life with all the goodies of peanut crunch and apple caramel. You can begin the celebration of Valentine Day event with a generous sampling of Flora2000 Celebrations Galore gourmet fare. This delicate hamper consists of Lindt truffles, Godiva and Ghirardelli chocolate, caramel corn, cookies, and more. Nothing could be sweeter than Sweet Touch by Flora2000 that comprises candy bars, lollipops, jellybeans, and more, in a galvanized tin bucket, decorated with bright curling ribbon.

Interesting ways to celebrate Valentine Day event near me

There is a reason why people plan ice skating as Valentine Day event near me. You can always hit the rank in rom-coms where you are sure to get pretty close to each other. Once you’ve had your fill of ice, you can enjoy some hard-earned drinks together. Learn to craft cocktails from an online mixology class, and become the bartender of each other. An interesting way to celebrate Valentine Day event near me would be to setup a dream waffle bar as a DIY at your home or the friend’s. All you need is some waffle batter, a waffle maker, and all the toppings of your heart’s desire. Grab the popcorn, and settle in on the couch with your partner to have a romantic movie marathon together.

Instead of sticking to just one spot, you can hop from place to place, and order different kinds of wines, and tapas along the way, or order them online from Flora2000. California Pinot Noir Wine Assortment from Flora2000 pack of 2 pinot noirs is sure to please the wine drinker in you. Crossridge Peak Cabarnet Bon Appetit with black cherry flavors and a hint of oak is accompanied by an assortment of garlic crackers, smoked gouda cheese spread, vanilla fudge with sea salt, spicy honey crunch snack mix, and more, to complete this California wine gift basket.

Handcrafted flower gifts for international delivery

One of the best ways to celebrate Valentine Day event near me would be to spend time together, though there’s nothing wrong in sending or receiving floral Valentine Day gifts. Flowers are the universal love language. Consider purchasing a floral gift for the love of your life, as it’s nice to give and receive floral gifts as a token of affection and gratitude. Some of the flower gifts available at Flora2000 include Fall in Love, Hug Me Tight, Love Forever, Valentine Magic, Hugs and Kisses, Romantic Bliss, Be My Love, and many more. Browse Flora2000 for many more gift ideas to make your Valentine Day event near me truly memorable. Flora2000 delivers handcrafted flowers, gifts and cakes internally to many countries outside the USA including France, Japan, India, Canada, China, Australia, and more.

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Celebrate International Women’s Day With Flora2000 | #ChooseToChallenge #IWD2021

A woman is the full circle.
Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.

To all the Women of the World,  Happy Women’s Day! March 8, 2021 is global celebration of the economic, political and social accomplishments of women.

How are you celebrating this historic day? Show the important women in your life how much they mean to you by presenting them with something all women love— flowers! Look through Flora2000’s wide range and you will find the perfect bouquet.

We recommend sending lovely, exotic and eclectic assortment of flowers arranged in a classy vase. So go ahead and indulge her. Make Women’s Day 2020 stand out with a luxury Flora2000 bouquet.

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Most Beautiful Birthday Flowers To Send Your Loved Ones (&What They Signify)

Flowers make a great and fresh birthday gift for everyone. Read on to learn how to pick the best birthday flowers for your loved ones on their special day.

Flowers are the perfect way to remind someone just how much they mean to you, to mark a special occasion, and even to send a secret message using the language of flowers. 

But what are the best birthday flowers, and which ones belong in the arrangement you want to send to the people you care about the most?

In this post, we’ll make a few suggestions about the perfect flowers for a birthday girl, a milestone birthday, or even the stems you should include in a coworker’s birthday bouquet. 

Then, learn where you can order the most beautiful fresh flowers online to make someone’s birthday even more incredible. 

For a Family Member’s Birthday

Looking for flowers for your mom’s birthday, or want to send the ideal birthday arrangement to your brother a few states away? 

Don’t be afraid to go for an arrangement with lots of color: think Orange Hydrangeas, Pink Carnations, and even Orange Gerberas

You could also look for an arrangement with chrysanthemums, which symbolize cheerfulness. If you’re specifically shopping for your mom, the best birthday flowers are day Lilies, which are an international symbol of motherhood (they’ll work for Mother’s Day, too!) 

For Your Love

You know you have to get the flowers for your girlfriend’s birthday right. 

No matter who you love, look for a birthday arrangement that includes red roses, the ultimate symbol of romance. Consider including Sunflowers to remind your loved one how much happiness they bring to your life. 

If you want to tell someone how you feel about them for the first time on their birthday, look for an arrangement with Red Tulips, which symbolize a declaration of love. 

For Friends

Yellow Roses are the ultimate symbol of friendship, so make sure you include them in your birthday bouquet. 

Ivy and geraniums also stand for everlasting friendship. 

For faraway friends, select an arrangement with zinnias, which mean that you’re thinking of friends that can’t always be near you. 

For Coworkers, Teachers, and More

You want the people in your professional life to feel celebrated on their birthdays, but you also want to send the right message. 

Send sage, which means wisdom, to teachers and professors. 

Pansies are great options to send to coworkers, as they stand for positive thoughts. Goldenrods, a sign of good luck & business gifting, are great for coworkers aiming for a promotion. 

And for that coworker that’s always patient with you — even when you don’t deserve it? Send chrysanthemums, which are a way to thank someone for always being willing to help you.  

How to Send the Best Birthday Flowers

We hope this post has given you a few ideas about the best birthday flowers to send to the most important people in your life. 

Whether you’re looking for international flower delivery, same day delivery, or just an excellent selection of some of the most stunning bouquets and arrangements for every occasion, we’re here to help. 

Browse through our stunning birthday bestsellers, and place your order with us today. 

We look forward to helping you make someone’s big day even better.

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5ive Pocket Friendly Gifts For Mom

Trust us when we say this, a Mother’s Day gift need not have to be
expensive. She’s your mother, not someone you have to impress. The
only thing she’s looking forward to is, you remembering her with love
on her special day. But also doesn’t mean that you totally forget to
gift her something memorable on Mother’s Day. We’ve listed down a
couple of things, that you can consider when you plan her Mother’s
Day surprise, all under $39.99.

Floral Arrangements

blog1Mother’s love surprises, more so if they involve roses. A rose flower
arrangement won’t cost you more than $30, #29.99 to be specific.
They’re elegant, they smell great and they make the perfect Mother’s
Day gift. So go ahead and buy it here.


Cozy Feet

Regardless of how hard you find to accept it, mum is getting old and her feet ache sometimes.

microwavable-slippers-aYou can make life a little easier for her, buying her a pair of soft microwavable bunny slippers. So the next time her feet ache, all she has to do is pop them into the microwave, and viola, warm slippers for aching feet are ready! Buy them at a local departmental store near you for less than $25.

Dairy Memories

When was the last time your mum penned down her thoughts or maintained her diary.

Let her begin to feel younger again. Gift her a diary in which she can pen down her daily experiences and let it be her top secret. You can buy one in less than $20 dollars at any book store.

Sweet Tooth Surprises

blog2If there’s something else apart from roses that mum’s love, it’s chocolates. Chocolates make the perfect stress busters and they don’t just taste great, they smell great too! So what’s stopping you from buying mum some happiness? Buy it here and now!


As cliched as it may sound, Mother’s never get tired of repeatedly looking at pictures of their kids. Pick the best memories of you and mum and have them framed as a collage. She’ll love them!


We’re eager to know how your Mom reacted to the surprise gifts we suggested. Let us know if they worked well for you, or if you have better suggestions in the comment box below.


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Make A Photo Album For Her

This Mother’s Day you can give your mom something that she will truly cherish and appreciate, a photo album of oPinkasticld memories. Remembering incidents and stories from childhood or family trips taken together is a fantastic way to spend Mother’s Day. With a photo album, you get to be creative and put a little bit of yourself into it, while also having the certainty that she will like the photos you put in the album.

Continue reading

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What Moms Actually Want For Mother’s Day?

They say ‘God could not be everywhere so he created Mothers’. Oh Yes, we just cannot agree more! A mother is the best gift of God; she is a blessing in every way and an angel of your life. Of course, she deserves all your love and pampering on the day meant to honor her.

So what have you planned for mom this Mother’s Day? Before you juggle between the various gifting options, find out what mom really wants from you on Mother’s Day!

A Day Off From Parenting


She has mothered you nine months even before you were born. And, she has been mothering you ever since. Of course, she deserves a break, doesn’t she? Many moms on Mother’s Day actually desire to get a day off from parenting and all the typical household chores that they do every single day of the year. So, this Mother’s Day, give her some ‘me-time’ and a day off from parenting. Maybe you can take care of your younger siblings so that she finds some time for herself!

Adequate Sleep

Adequate-SleepThis is one thing that mothers literally crave – sleep! Yes, she gets tired too although she is always ready to cook your favorite meal when you ask for it. Research proves that moms lack sleep the most while they are busy looking after kids and family. So, this 10th May, let her sleep till late and relax in her bed.

A Relaxing Day At The Spa

A-Relaxing-Day-At-The-SpaMoms juggle between numerous chores every day. She cooks breakfast for you, cleans the plates, rushes to work, gets groceries, ensures you finish your homework and more? And, she does all of this every single day of the year. Many mothers, therefore, desire a relaxing day at the spa on Mother’s Day. This is the best way they can relieve themselves of all the stress and prepare for another busy week. So, arrange her a relaxing day at the nearest spa and watch her face light up!

A Bit Of Your Time


There is nothing apart from time that a mother will ever want from her child. While she has parented you all these years, she has grown in age herself. And, while she wouldn’t expect you to buy her expensive jewelry or anything fancy, she surely wants a bit of your time. So, spare some time from your hectic schedule this Mother’s Day and let her know she’s special.

Love & Pampering


She has loved and pampered you with everything you wanted ever since you were a kid. It’s time now to return the favor and give her the same. Moms secretly desire love and pampering from their kids although most of them wouldn’t openly confess it. Just make an effort to take her out to her favorite place this Mother’s Day, cook her favorite delicacy or shower her with enticing Mother’s Day Gifts.


Send Mother’s Day Flowers To UK

Send Mother’s Day Flowers To USA

Send Mother’s Day Flowers To Germany

Send Mother’s Day Flowers To Canada

Send Mother’s Day Flowers To China

Send Mother’s Day Flowers To Australia

Send Mother’s Day Flowers To Brazil

Send Mother’s Day Flowers To Singapore

Send Mother’s Day Flowers To India

Send Mother’s Day Flowers To Hong Kong

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8 Of The Prettiest Flowers To Gift Your Mom This Mother’s Day

Planning to gift your Mom flowers this Mother’s Day? Why not send her Mother’s Day Flowers that are unique to her personality? After all! A personalized bouquet adds more meaning to “I Love You Mum.”


azaleaApart from being a well-known Chinese symbol of womanhood Azaleas are celebrated across cultures because of it’s association with beauty and love. These flowers grow all over the globe and can be easily found at your local florist and you can also buy flowers online. If your mum is interested in culture and heritage, she’ll love these beauties.


carnationsCarnations signify purity, faith, love, beauty and charity; all virtues associated with motherhood.  Anna Jarvis, a campaigner sent carnations to all mothers in attendance at a local church in United States, since then carnations are often used in Mother’s Day celebrations.

Bluebells are delicate flowers that bloom in the month of April and May. Their soft blue hue and bell like shape represent everything that is motherly. If you’re mum is the calm and delicate types, chances are that she may love a bluebell bouquet.

Day Lilies

day lilies
Day Lilies too are Asian symbols of womanhood. They’re beautiful and come in a variety of colors, the best being orange and yellow. You can choose a flower depending on the color your mother loves the most.



Give the classic rose bouquet a ditch this time and surprise mum with Tulips. Tulips are basically happy flowers that represent, comfort and above all mirth. If your mum is the fun-loving types, Tulips make the perfect gift.


cameliaCamellias are native to South East Asia, Japan and China. They symbolize gratitude and longevity because of their long life span. They’re available in bright hues and would a great Mother’s Day bouquet.  International flower delivery has anyway made life easier. You can buy flowers online.


gerberasThese are colorful and bright flowers that look a little like colorful sunflowers. They symbolize cheerfulness. If your mum loves bright colors, she’ll surely love a Gerbera bouquet.


You can always rely on roses. Pink roses symbolize gratitude and appreciation, something that mums crave for. Yellow roses represent care and the white ones represent purity.

Mother’s Day is only a few days away, make sure you bring a smile on her face this year!


– Send Flowers to U.S.A.

– Send Flowers to U.K.

– Send Flowers to Germany

– Send Flowers to Philippines

– Send Flowers to Australia

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5 Gifting Options This Easter 2018


Easter makes up for the lull that follows after the Holiday season.  It’s the first big festivity of the year for families (Valentine’s Day is primarily for those involved in romantic relationships). While we take pains to find the perfect Christmas gift for our loved ones, Easter isn’t given even half as much as the importance.  However one should keep in mind that after Easter the next family festivities come at the last quarter of the year, (we’re referring to Thanksgiving). Easter gifting is still an area that hasn’t been explored too much. But when you’re away from your family, it is important to make your presence felt. Easter is a good time to do so. With online gifting portals booming, sending gifts across the seven seas is a cake walk.

We’ve shortlisted a few of our top products; Easter flowers and Easter gifts that are a favorite amongst our customers. There’s no need for you to go out on a mad search for the perfect Easter gift. Send Easter gifts online using international flower delivery services.

Pink Champagne

7728Bright with the charm of Spring and the pastel pink of Easter, this arrangement of roses makes the perfect surprise for Easter.  This product contains 12 medium stemmed pink roses wrapped in fancy paper and tied with a ribbon.


8917A gorgeous mixed flowers bouquet complete with the vibrancy of Spring, this arrangement has Easter attached all over it. Send your heartfelt Easter wishes with this arrangement and you will surely make an impression. This arrangement comes with hot pink gerberas, pink roses, moonshade carnations, oregonia and Italian ruscus.


10673If you’ve been away from your family for a long time this is the perfect way to make your presence left this with this lively floral arrangement. What’s interesting is that this arrangement contains 18 long stems yet makes an extravagant cluster of about 50 roses, thanks to its multiple bloom trait. It comes in a vibrant combination of yellow, red, orange and pink spray roses.

Easter Bunny Sweet Treat

19936A basket of Easter goodness so rich, it will have the recipient asking for more. This delicious food basket contains Jelly beans, Reese’s peanut butter eggs, M&M’s, Skittles, fruit flavored Tootsie Rolls in a Tootsie Roll bank, Sweet Tarts, Nerds, Butterfingers, Laffy Taffy, Fun Dips and the list goes on and on. You can read the full product specifications here.

A Fancy Easter

20464Don’t let the spirit of Easter dull out just because you aren’t around your loved ones. Send them a fancy Easter surprise with this basket of delicious goodies. This arrangement contains Reese’s peanut butter eggs , jelly beans, an assortment of Easter Sweet Tarts, Butterfingers, M&M’s, Nerds, Life Saver Gummies, peanut crunch, Fun Dip, Sour Punch Twists, lollipops, Laffy Taffy, Welch’s Fruit Snacks, fruit flavored Tootsie Rolls and a lot more.

We hope this Easter celebration turns out to be most memorable for you and your loved ones so far. If you think you can add to our Easter gifts suggestions, please feel free to do so in the comment box below. Wishing you a delightful Easter!


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– Send Flowers to U.K.

– Send Flowers to Germany

– Send Flowers to Philippines

– Send Flowers to Australia

-Send Flowers to Colombia

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LOVE IS IN THE AIR! Gift Your Beloved Something Bewitching This Valentine’s Day

Fragrances are one of the most popular online Valentine’s gifts to send across to your chosen one on Valentine’s Day. Wearing something so intimate gives a sign of affection and a deep bond. Suiting the personality- perfumes are one of the most romantic and passionate Valentine’s gifts. At the same time, it is important to gift the right perfume and fragrance that suits the personality of the receiver. So make sure you know exactly what your valentine’s taste is when it comes to perfumes.


Gifting high end fragrances has been an age old custom and receiving and sending perfumes has been a big hit with both men and women through the ages and across the globe.

To get an idea of how powerful fragrance can be, look no further than Empress Josephine, who, legend has it, doused her rooms in her signature musk after Napoleon decided to leave her for the Archduchess of Austria. A note with serious staying power, it lingered long after Josephine departed the premises, ensuring that her ex would be reminded of her every time he stepped foot into her abandoned chambers. That such a tale originates in France should come as no surprise, since, perfumes are as much a part of the French culture as food and wine.

The French have never been afraid of their dark, spicy statement scents but as you move across southern Europe, Mediterranean freshness takes over. Citrus and neroli are typical of the region, which has historically served as a melting pot—the early days of Eastern spice traders and exotic travelers left a permanent mark on the fragrance culture.

In the Middle East, fragrance is so ingrained in the culture as the Persians were the first to use distillation to extract oils from flowers—that residents rarely go a day without it. Many women wear strong perfume all over as a way to symbolize arrival. Where smoldering incense and fragrant teas are omnipresent, strong wood notes are popular—earthy vetiver, sensual oud—and there’s a love of layering. Women normally apply a strong, woodsy base, then layer flowery European perfumes on top. The technique is prevalent in In

dia, too, where base notes like sandalwood and patchouli, used for centuries in religious and beautifying ceremonies, are mixed with sensual floral notes like jasmine.

China, with its many different regions, has varied tastes that tend to correlate with the climate. Woody notes do better in dry Beijing, and fruity florals thrive in warmer Shanghai. People in the hot, humid southern areas prefer refreshing but pungent fragrances. That’s in stark contrast to the Japanese, a more reserved society that eschews the heavy scents of other cultures and prefers delicate, well-balanced fragrances.

European Perfumes

Americans, known for their insatiable appetites love gourmand notes like vanilla and sweet, fruity notes like strawberry. And although fresh, “clean” scents are also typically American, the most popular fragrances in the U.S.A have traditionally been feminine florals. This is no doubt left over from their shared history with the British, who are known for, and still enjoy, English-garden floral notes of rose, lily of the valley, and violet.

The world is getting smaller and the door to experimenting with different fragrances is wide open. So this Valentine’s if you are looking to gift your beloved something truly unique and distinct then along with sending her Valentine’s Roses surprise her with a bottle of her favorite fragrance. No matter which part of the world you are in, you can easily send across perfumes and Valentine’s Day flowers along with heartfelt wishes through online gifting, and make your sweetheart feel extremely special.

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6 Quick & Easy New Year Decor Ideas From Flora2000

There’s nothing quite like welcoming the New Year with a bang. And what’s New Year’s without some fun home decor. Below are 10 fuss free decor ideas from Flora2000.

Tinsel New Year

Cut out “2018” in cardboard. Wrap it up in tinsel of Gold or Silver (your choice. Gold looks fancy though).  Add hooks to each of the digits and hang them on a thin string.
Cover up the string with some more tinsel, some of the tinsel can hang loosely. This is another decor idea for your alcohol deck. Picture has been used for representation purpose only.

Glitter Bottles

Let your sparkling wine, sparkle literally this New Year’s. Spread liquid adhesive on your champagne bottle, leaving 1/4th at the top.

29a6eb970ced96fe6a07ed555e1434f0Sprinkle glitter over the adhesive. Spray the adhesive again and add another layer of glitter. Do this till it’s completely covered in glitter. We recommend Briar Creek Cellar’s Chardonnay, makes a fine drink. Like it? Order it Here.

Bubbly Spirit

Liven up the wall behind your alcohol deck with balloons.

the-cream-event-la-8Use balloons that stand in contrast to the color on your wall and blow them in different sizes (for the love of asymmetry).

Glitter Hats

Add a dash of glitter to your regular party hats with a little glitter and tinsel garland. Spread glue all over the hat and sprinkle powdered fine glitter all over it.

white-pink-and-sky-color-Party-hatsStick a tinsel garland around the rim of the hat and a cut out a half an inch of the garland and stick to the top of the hat.

Shiny Lanterns

Spray adhesive across your lantern.

Sprinkle glitter all over. Repeat till your lantern is completely covered in glitter.

Glitter Glasses

Surprise your guests with some more glitter. Spread glue asymmetrically across your champagne and wine glasses and sprinkle them with glitter.

Make sure you do this a day or two in advance, you don’t want your guests to consume glitter with their champagne.

We hope you liked our ideas and we wish you a sparkling New Year. If you have any DIY ideas that you would like to share, please add them in the comment box below. We look forward to your response.


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– Send Flowers to Germany

– Send Flowers to Philippines

– Send Flowers to Australia

-Send Flowers to Columbia

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